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Excerpts From Amador Books
Links to the excerpts appear beneath the links to each book's cover page.

Amerika? America!
Chapter 1: Arrival in America

Ancestral Notes
Sharp Tongued Women
The Dance Of The Matriarchs
Gulf War One
Ancestral Notes excerpts and art at Margin [outside link]

A World For The Meek
Invertebrate Eyes

The Carlos Chadwick Mystery
Foreword To The British Edition

Caesar of Santa Fe
Chapter 1

Castle Lark
Chapter 1 -- Star Top

Christmas Blues

Digital Face
The Owl and the Pussycats

Duke City Tales
Duke City Alchemist

Eva's War...
Storm Clouds Over Danzig
Breaking Away
Supplemental to the 2nd Edition: Photos & Commentary
Selected excerpts Chs. 16, 17: Publisher Blog Post, May 15, 2015

Feeling the Unthinkable
Table of Contents
Chapter 7: American Middle Eastern Detainees and You
Chapter 15: Review: Jonathan Glover, Humanity: A Moral History...
Chapter 29: Attending College Must Be Free Again
Chapter 44: Maker / Worker / Profit-Maker...

Freedom From God
Ogre-Father God

From Fear To Love
A Crutch Lost
What To Believe
A Daisy Chain of Theologies

Harry's Rants Index
Ten Commandments Fairy-
Tale Nightmare

Harry Willson Supplemental
Changing The Rules
Dung-Free Diet...
Trees and Birds

Hitler's Last Hasp
Bath, England -April 2, 1945

Human Survival...
Genome Sizes and Extinction

Hunger In The First Person Singular
The Red Silk Kimono

Hitler's Last Hasp
Bath, England -April 2, 1945

Human Survival...
Genome Sizes and Extinction

Hunger In The First Person Singular
The Red Silk Kimono

If I Could Convince You of Only One Thing
Table of Contents
About This Collection
Conclusion: A Philosophy for Everyone

Johnny Plutonium
Duke City Mushroom

Journey From the Keep of Bones
Chapter 16: Putting Back the Knife

Last of the Nice Girls
Ocean Liners and Home Leave
Chile: "All Is Normal"

Myth And Mortality
Table of Contents
The Machine Stops
Rest for the Weary

Paradise Found, and Lost
Chapter 3: Women's Torment

The Pianist Who Liked Ayn Rand
The Prize
Special Feature: Who Was Ayn Rand?

Souls And Cells Remember
And she's here naked with me

Time and Temperature
Words, Magic, and Gravity
The Year I will be Forty I will Before
Daily Accounting Rebellion
Truth and Trust [outside link]

The Time Dancer
Chapter Six
The Wanderers' Signs

The Two Magicians
Prologue: Somewhere In the Rockies
Chapter 1: The Time Winders

Twelve Gifts
Truth Serum Margaritas

Unbroken Spirit
Table of Contents

Unbroken Spirit Supplemental
For the Classroom
For Book Clubs


Where The Sky Used To Be
Chapter 1, "Close Call"

Zelda Gatuskin Supplemental
Zelda's "The Tree" Blog Essays
Zelda's Humanist Essays
"No Cards" Essays Links

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