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2nd Printing Now Available
Press Release 2/17/20

Dark Campus
Cover by Claiborne O'Connor
2nd Printing 2020
Trade paper -- 260 pp.
ISBN-13:  978-0-938513-06-3


available in e-book:

A Novel of College Life and Political Terror
by Gene H. Bell-Villada

How and why does a college kid become a radical, possibly a terrorist, in the early 1970's? The mystery is why the mainstream media narrators fail to understand their own story. This wild tale predicts the current war in Peru and the pseudo-debate about political correctness. A marvelous spoof of Gothics, Harlequins, college life and the way the American mind works, or doesn't work.

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Gene H. Bell-Villada is a keen observer of the college scene, where he thrives as professor, scholar, essayist and well-published literary critic and translator. He has written for many national and international journals, and is author of definitive books on Jorge Luis Borges and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. He observes the American scene from a special perspective, having been reared in the Caribbean area.

"Since I first read the book--and I have to confess to reading seven or eight times by now--I have been continually amazed at the way real-life events and people seem to have been taken 'straight out of CARLOS CHADWICK.' Life, politics, and academics will never look the same after you read this book." --Avi Chomsky, Associate Professor of History, Salem State College, Massachusetts

"Bell-Villada's thought-provoking novel both satirizes and illuminates the crippling of rational political discourse at a time when we need it most. This book deserves close attention from a wide audience."   Read the full review

The central conceit -- the cult of 'balance' and centrism, and how that's linked to various kinds of selective blindness -- is GREAT. The satire and the aphorisms are mordant. Very funny, trenchant stuff.
-- Carol McGuirk, Florida Atlantic University
Seductively readable, page by page. The portrait of the small New England liberal arts college is wonderful, and Livie has to be the girl you love to hate.
-- Mary Lusky Friedman, Wake Forest University

Intriguing, and for those of us already disillusioned with the common American ideologies, even fun.
-- Mike Gunderloy, Fact Sheet Five

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