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Edible Xmas Tree Cover by
Claiborne O'Connor
20 pp.

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Recipes from a Southwestern Kitchen
by Adela Amador
illustrated by Claiborne O'Connor

  For your holiday (or anytime) gifts, replace the old partridge in a pear tree with sopaipillas, empanaditas, biscochitos, green chile stew, truth-serum margaritas, and more.

A long overdue correction!
  The following blurb has been on this page for years: "These recipes appeared originally in Adela's Southwest Flavor column in THE NEW MEXICO MAGAZINE."
  In fact, TWELVE GIFTS and then MORE GIFTS were published first. The magazine got interested in Adela when Harry sent them review copies of the two little books.
  "They never did review either one," Harry explained at our Mother's Day Book Bash, "but they called up Adela and asked her to write their food column."

Read an excerpt!

Adela's sequel to TWELVE GIFTS is back by popular demand...    MORE GIFTS

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