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Second Edition, Revised and Expanded (paperback)
Unbroken Spirit e-book cover
ISBN 978-0-938513-68-1
trade paper; 330 pp. $24.95
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Press Release 5/11/21

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My Life Before and After Quadriplegia
by Gilbert John

A terrible accident thrusts a Navajo youth into the Anglo world: Gilbert John's autobiography offers a rare intimate glimpse into tribal life, and a forthright take on Western medicine and culture from a Native perspective. John relates an adventure-filled life, both before and after his injury, with vivid description, dry wit and piercing honesty.

Albuquerque Journal's "Book of the Week" 8/22/21

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Gilbert John has served in the following advocacy and advisory positions:
2003 - 2005, vice president/acting president, Navajo Nation Advisory Council on Disability (formerly Navajo Nation Handi-Capable; the name was changed under Gilbert's leadership)
2004 - 2010, Board member, Governor's Commission on Disability, New Mexico Technology Assistance Project of the Division on Vocational Rehabilitation
2006 - 2012, two-term Board member, Statewide Independent Living Council, representing the Northwest region of New Mexico
Publisher's Note, August 2020
Amador Publishers, LLC is proud to present this revised and expanded edition of Gilbert John's inspiring autobiography. This edition of Unbroken Spirit combines text from the first print edition (Acacia, 2010) with that of an updated manuscript that Gilbert provided to me in 2016. The Prologue and Postscript that bracket Gilbert John's life story in this new edition are passages written after the book's initial release. --Zelda Gatuskin, Editor-in-Chief

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