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Alphabetical List of Books
A complete list of books represented on this website: books published by Amador, our imprints' titles, and selected hosted titles. Each title links to a page that describes the book in detail and links to related pages.
Amador Publishers Home Page
Here you will find the Dream Library collage, which links to our Catalogue, and a Table of Contents listing more key links. To return to the Home Page from another page, click on the blue mountains in our banner.
Amador's Authors
A list of all our authors with links to their home pages with photos, lists of their books and biographical information, if available.
Amador's Catalogue
Quickly browse and shop from our catalogue, organized into New Releases & Reprints, Mini Gift Books, $10 Sale Books and Hosted and Imprint Titles
Amador E-books
Available e-books grouped by author, with vendor links. E-book links also appear in the Catalogue.
Amador Imprints
Special projects of Amador Publishers, LLC.
Amador News
The ongoing saga of small publishing in peril. Also find our newest books and news of upcoming events. (See also the Scrapbook section for press releases, previous events, and photos.)
Awards & Honors
A rather long list for a very small publisher!
Book Pages
Every title featured on this site has a unique page with thumbnail cover image, description of the work, links to related pages and ways to order. Most titles also have a Book Cover Page with a larger cover image and essential title information and links.
Errata Page
Mistakes happen.
Excerpts List
Here you find exerpts from our books that you can read now. Click on the book titles to go to the book description pages. The links to the excerpts are below each title.
Hosted and Imprint Titles
Within the Amador book list, you will find some titles from other publishers: Circumference of Forever, How to Live the Good Life, Poems on the Dance of Life, Walking The Four Directions and Walking The Tao. We are pleased to be able to assist in the promotion and distribution of these works from other small presses.
How to Order
How to order Amador books.
Special Orders.
Humanist Essays of the Month
Zelda Gatuskin takes up the challenge of the monthly column, following in the footsteps of her mentor Harry Willson. The complete collection of Zelda Essays are listed, from January 2011 through October 2014, followed by Zelda's answer to the question, What is Humanism?
Links Pages
Links to on-line Arts and Literature; General Reference; Great Dead Authors; New Mexico Publishers and Literary Organizations; Publishing Services; Opportunities for Writers; and Writers' Resources and Reference.
Movie and TV Rights
The Amador Publishers list provides a wealth of creative, compelling content for adaptations to film and TV. Find log lines for selected books here.
No Cards Shoppers
A consumer protest started in 1996 continues to resonate in our increasingly digitized, bar-coded and market-researched culture. Archived No Cards! essays and links to related consumer and privacy rights sites.
News articles, photos, Book Bash programs and more. Pre-digital-era mementos are being scanned and archived here along with items from the News page and documentation of recent events.
Studio Z, multi-media arts
Studio Z does a lot of work with Amador, including maintaining this web site. The Studio Z page links to additional info about Frank G. Johnson and Zelda Gatuskin, and web site services for authors and publishers.
Submissions Info / So You Want to Publish a Book
Overview of our submissions policy with links to: How to Query, Manuscript Review Service, Manuscript Format, and FAQs.
Supplemental Material
We are beginning to add supplemental material related to our books, starting with photos and commentary we collected while preparing the Second Edition of EVA'S WAR. Supplemental materials will be listed on the Excerpts Contents Page.
Title Archive
Information about out of print titles and links to selected excerpts on this site.
Worldwind Books Imprint
In response to the need for more publishing assistance and opportunities, we have established the Worldwind Books imprint to serve as a publishing identity for a wide diversity of works beyond the Amador profile. Poetry Series; Publising Your Poetry; Publising Your Prose
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