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The Time Dancer returns in 2020 with The Ten Years: double or nothing
the conclusion of The Spiral Map of Time Trilogy...

The Time Dancer 2nd printing
BOOK 1, 2nd Printing, $18.95
The Two Magicians
BOOK 2, $24.95
The Ten Years
BOOK 3, $24.95

A beautiful 2nd Printing is now available:

The Time Dancer 2nd printing
Cover by Claiborne O'Connor
Trade paper --230 pp.
ISBN-13:  978-0-938513-12-4

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paranormal romance, urban fantasy, occult romance
A Novel of Gypsy Magic
by Zelda Leah Gatuskin

A romantic tale of time travel, mistaken identities and parallel worlds. Can one really navigate the sea of time? When George Drumm falls in love with the Gypsy Esmarelda, he must learn the secrets of the Spiral Map of Time, or lose her to the future. But the Gypsy is on her own quest. The two leapfrog across the spiral in search of lost cats, missing satchels and each other, and in the process share glimpses of their magical universe with residents of the dusty town of Caliente.

available in e-book:

A twisted, clever, spellbinding fairy tale for the 1990's. Gatuskin creates a vivid and bizarre universe, certain to satisfy the appetites of enthusiasts of such authors as Lewis Carroll and J.R.R. Tolkien.
-- Michael Bush, Manhattan Theatre Club
Gatuskin weaves a delightfully magical story which tricked me into thinking she was from another time, or maybe a Gypsy in a past life. I'll never look at my cats the same again.
As a teacher of Belly Dance and its esoteric significance, I would highly recommend that my students read this magical tale.
--Swari Hhan

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