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Dec 2010Still Hate To Get Into The Water
Nov 2010Turkey Gratitude
Sep 2010Creating Wealth
Aug 2010Ego and Allegiance
Jul 2010Prophets & Examples
Jun 2010Soporific
May 2010The Lost Piece of Paper
Apr 2010Far Out Thoughts No. l - The Author
Mar 2010Calendar-Watcher
Feb 2010Thoughts While Playing the Piano
Jan 2010Care
Harry Willson's

Dec 2009Could the Mayans Be Right?
Nov 2009Our Problem Is Fear
Oct 2009Reality Is Consistent
Sep 2009Book Review
Aug 2009Disappointment with Obama
Jul 2009Anecdotal Evidence of Climate Change
Jun 2009Humanists Debate Religion
May 2009Are We Making Any Progress?
Apr 2009The Trouble with Advertising
Mar 2009Looking for the Upside
Feb 2009Who Needs Stimulation?
Jan 2009Economics Made Simple
Dec 2008On Leadership
Nov 2008The Life-Style Problem
Oct 2008The Definitive Proof
Sep 2008Change Is in the Air
Aug 2008A Country at War
Jul 2008Resistance
Jun 2008The Pressure to Believe
May 2008On Leadership
Apr 2008BONUS: Who Needs the Context?
Apr 2008The Attack on Science
Mar 2008On Hypocrisy
Feb 2008The Power of Negative Thinking
Jan 2008The Dilemma of Reality
Dec 2007The Next Scheduled Election
Nov 2007Working the Crap-Detector
Oct 2007Who Is Sovereign?
Sep 2007The Myth of Moral Superiority
Aug 2007A New Slant on Racism
Jul 2007Signs of Hope
Jun 2007Word Problems
May 2007To My Readers
Apr 2007The Case for Impeachment
Mar 2007Messing with the Myths
Feb 2007Science and Myth
Jan 2007On Quitting
Dec 2006Three Truth-tellers
Nov 2006Look Back for Answers
Oct 2006Let's Compare Iraq and Vietnam
Sep 2006The Limits of Force
Aug 2006Faith And Reason
Jul 2006Falsehood Is a Poison
Jun 2006Not Only Bad, But Also Stupid
May 2006Three Eccentric Friends
Apr 2006Fatigue and Nausea [Sick and Tired]
Mar 2006Opinion or Myth
Feb 2006Let's Think about "Legal"
Jan 2006The Natural World Is Comforting
Dec 2005Getting Used to It
Nov 2005Cruel People and Cruel Gods
Oct 2005Looting and the Social Contract
Sep 2005Retribution, Divine or Not
Aug 2005Orwell Saw This Coming
Jul 2005Impeachment, Bribery and Eminent Domain
Jun 2005Truth Will Out
May 2005Thieves in Low Places
Apr 2005Answers for That Little Girl
Mar 2005The End of Faith
Feb 2005The Return of Torquemada
Jan 2005Not So Intelligent Design
Jan 2005What a Year!
Dec 2004The Face of the Enemy
Nov 2004He hardly looks Christian at all
Oct 2004Nervous Times
Sep 2004Deeper Questions, and the Truth Will out
Aug 2004I Have These Questions
Jul 2004How to Get out of Iraq
Jun 2004Up the Chain of Command
May 2004Clarity or Zealotry
Apr 2004Gander Sauce
Mar 2004Get over It!
Feb 2004Our Booming Economy
Dec 2003Conservatives and Human Nature
Dec 2003BONUS: An Anti-Rant Rant
Nov 2003The Cartoonists and the Pundits...
Oct 2003Restless Natives
Sep 2003Quagmire
Aug 2003Imperial Fantasies
Jul 2003Two Kinds of NIMBY
Jun 2003Mythology Is the Problem
May 2003What about History?
Apr 2003Just to Make Sure
Mar 2003Change the Subject!
Feb 2003Why Some Hate Us
Jan 2003On Proving a Negative
Dec 2002What to Do about Terrorism
Nov 2002Marketing Woes
Oct 2002Convictions and Sensitivity
Sep 2002Prospects Drear
Aug 2002Two out of Three
Jul 2002Calling All Fifty!
Jun 2002Perhaps It's Already Too Late
May 2002Reality and Delusion
Apr 2002Need Directions?
Mar 2002Evil Influences
Feb 2002Thanks for the Enemy
Jan 2002What Needs Doing
Dec 2001The Most Popular Idol
Oct 2001War Thoughts
Sep 2001What about Work
Jul 2001Environmentalist
Jun 2001Bombing Lessons
May 2001Y6B
Apr 2001Credentialism
Mar 2001On Gift-Giving
Feb 2001Tight News Hole
Jan 2001The Anomie/Accidie Syndrome
Dec 2000If I Ran the World
Nov 2000Cornflakes Man
Oct 2000The Myth of Secrecy
Sep 2000Innate, or Not
Aug 2000Benign Government
Jul 2000The Need for Instruction
Jun 2000War and Logic
May 2000The City Beautiful
Apr 2000Who to Vote for
Feb 2000Things Change, People Change
Jan 2000Let's Call Bribery BRIBERY
Dec 1999Why Rant?
Nov 1999Indulgence and Clarity
Oct 1999Politically Correct
Sep 1999A Longer Perspective
Aug 1999On Finding One's Niche
Jul 1999Believe Me Now, or Believe Me Later
Jun 1999Watch for Water
May 1999Violence in This Country
Apr 1999Fundamentalists and Republicans
Mar 1999Why Horror?
Feb 1999Knowledge and Diminishing Returns
Jan 1999Secure or Insecure
Dec 1998The Trouble with Christmas
Nov 1998Media Terror
Oct 1998Where Are We Going
Sep 1998Fear and Loathing
Aug 1998Hiroshima Day
Jul 1998Privatization of Social Security
Jun 1998Art For Art's Sake
May 1998Opportunity Knocked
Apr 1998Green Apples
Feb 1998On Losing The Cold War
Jan 1998A Visit to WIPP
Dec 1997Satire In Future Perfect
Nov 1997The Second Language
Oct 1997RE: Literacy
Aug 1997Boycotts and Paranoia
Jun 1997Who's Responsible?
May 1997Does Existence Make Sense?
Apr 1997Cults And Cults
Mar 1997When Life Imitates Art
Feb 1997What Millennium?
Jan 1997The Old Labels
Dec 1996Why Fiction?
Nov 1996Ground Zero
Oct 1996Art And Labor

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