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Wave Back
Cover by Zelda Gatuskin
Trade paper -- 192 pp.
ISBN:  978-0-938513-40-7


thoughts about consciousness
written and illustrated by Zelda Leah Gatuskin

Here is a creative exploration of the nature of time, human perception and the social forms we establish for managing our inner and outer realities. Gatuskin first describes her motivation and process; the writings which follow move through impressionistic, stream-of-consciousness styles to more focused and linear works, interspersed with poetry and parts of dreams.

Second Edition - More Art - Trade Paperback Format!

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Studio Edition


on Truth
What is true without my having to believe in it? When a person or group acts like it is very important for me to believe the things they do, my response is that anything that requires my belief to be true can't be very true. [pg. 63]

on Sleep
It's kind of hard to do something bad to yourself in your sleep, or to anyone else, under normal circumstances. Waking we are an absolute menace—to ourselves, each other and the planet. We can be beautiful and useful to be sure, but in our quest to be so we often undo ourselves. During sleep the body slows down, suspends consumption; intake and output are reduced. Many might lament this down time during which we are unable to produce, but to Nature our sleeping is a great relief. [pg. 72]

on Religion
The God question is unsolvable and the answer, any answer anyone comes up with, doesn't solve anything for us as a group. It's personal, like sex; and, like sex, it should be indulged in the private company of other consenting individuals. Church should be more like a boudoir of intimate inquiring souls than a roll call of the battalions of the Lord. [pg. 117]

on Art
[Camus] does not think man is a social animal. No doubt he did not feel himself to be a social animal. What artist does? Yet we're compelled to fight for humanity. Maybe our heightened sense of our own weaknesses and fears makes us more empathic to the human condition. Likewise, our moments of inspiration seem to prove the value of the whole exercise. [pg. 124]

An intimate glimpse into a subtle intellect working some of humanity's most profound questions....Time and Temperature is a book for thoughtful people, and I recommend it to those who enjoy exploring ideas and who, perhaps, are searching for their own answers to questions about truth, purpose, and ultimate reality.
—Paul H. Deal, author of WALKING THE TAO
Zelda Gatuskin blends prose, poetry and art in a profound and personal exploration of writing and life. Her journey is one that anyone living a creative life will identify with and appreciate.
—Mark David Gerson, author of THE VOICE OF THE MUSE
Gatuskin chronicles the mischievous life of the mind where games, dreams, and meditations spar and inspire.
—Marilyn Stablein, author of SLEEPING IN CAVES
Time and Temperature speaks to women of now, where we are in the evolutionary path, in our thinking and midnight pondering; it is a conversation and an enlightenment and a sharing and a yeasty growing.
—Leona Mason Heitsch, author of LEAVES and TOWARD WANTING MORE

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