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Cover by Lyle Miller
Trade paper -- 568 pp.
edited by Michelle Miller Allen
includes photo section
out of print

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A Memoir by Elizabeth McBride
How a Nice Girl from the British Empire Ends Up a Witch in the New Mexico Desert

    To read Elizabeth McBride's memoir is to make a new friend. The author treats her reader like a trusted confidant, and so each of us is taken personally into her life. We marvel at the exotic milieus of her youth, ride the wild surf of her young womanhood, and forebear with her through demands of family and vicissitudes of fate. The result is that we alternately want to shake Elizabeth by the shoulders and throw our arms around her.

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"So great is our egocentricity that the world takes on the contours of our own emotions. A few places still hum with the radioactive half-life of the experiences I have lived in them, city streets or landscapes vibrating with love, loss or revelation.." --E. McBride

LAST OF THE NICE GIRLS: How a Nice Girl from the British Empire Ends Up a Witch in the New Mexico Desert is the life work of a remarkable woman dedicated to the quality of her journey, a posthumous memoir spanning 1933 to 2004. From Hong Kong to Scotland to New Mexico and all points between, Elizabeth McBride lived an international life as a writer, adventurer, political activist and spiritual seeker. Much more than an international travelogue or memoir, this is the story of a "bridge woman" - one who lived on the cusp of a time when women began to see themselves as having more options, and were yet still caught in the more traditional expectations.

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