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February 12, 2010: CIA Declassifies History of the Glomar Explorer and Project Azorian... Read the firsthand account of how naval engineer Manfred Krutein assisted the CIA in raising a sunken Soviet submarine from the ocean floor, including orchestrating the ocean mining cover story for this secret project. His diary entries (vetted by the CIA, of course) are interspersed with Eva's chronicle in...
The Kruteins
Cover by Wernher Krutein
Trade paper -- 270 pp.
ISBN:  0-938513-23-0
ISBN-13:  978-0-938513-23-0


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From Immigration to Espionage
By Eva and Manfred Krutein

This is Volume Three of the remarkable autobiographical memoirs of Eva Krutein. Refugee, wife, mother, musician, community leader, writer-she confronts every crisis in life with courage, honesty and good humor.

Volume One, Eva's War, takes place in Europe, as Eva and her infant daughter flee westward from Danzig in January, 1945. Volume Two, Paradise Lost and Found, tells how the growing family emigrates to Chile, lives and thives there for nine years, and then decides to move again, to the USA.

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Amerika? America! is a story of rough beginnings, with gradual and sometimes comical adaptations to strangeness-it is California in the 60s!-with five teenagers. Suddenly Eva's narrative is interrupted by the voice of her husband, Manfred (author of Hitler's Last Gasp. a WWII U-boat spy thriller). Here his secret diary is quoted at length, telling how his "ocean mining" assignment for Howard Hughes and the Glomar Explorer is really complex and extended cover for a secret spy project: raising a lost Soviet submarine from the floor of the Pacific. Eva and her family know nothing of this secret for years.

The story tells of family tensions and growth to maturity, music and travel, especially to Hawaii, Iceland and back to Danzig [now Gdansk]. This is a heart-warming revelation which strengthens our feelings of worldwide human solidarity.

"Another colorful, heart-warming tale of the Krutein family's life adventures - this one addresses immigration to Amerika and the process of becoming American. It's a wonderful book!"

—Dr. Gay Irons, psychotherapist
"A whale of an exciting, romantic, true story. A spy thriller, a beautiful love story, family challenges and a happy ending. I read this through at one sitting."
—Martin Hebeling, professor emeritus
Cal State Fullerton University
former U.S Military Intelligence Officer
"A wonderful story! A page-turning memoir which adds a necessary dimension to the 'immigrant' picture, one that we rugged individualists of America need to take a good look at. An educated, sophisticated family deals with an unfamiliar and often hostile culture, meets the challenges, copes with the complications. They become valued, trusted citizens of a nation that is not grateful enough."
—Florence Cohn, book reviewer
National Council of Jewish Women
"If all human beings were endowed with a writer's talent, the world would be filled with an incalculable number of profoundly fascinating autobiographies. Realistically, this will never come to pass. However, Manfred, a scientist, and Eva, a musician, prove themselves to be exceptions. In their collaborative autobiography, AMERIKA? AMERICA! they tell their life story with disarming openness, rich detail and passion, always connecting their personal narrative to the events unfolding around them: VietNam, the Kennedy assasinations, feminism, U.S./Soviet relations, the emergence of Buddhism in the U.S., the rise of the youth culture, etc. Their work is highly recommended. I read through the entire text in one sitting."
—Rev. Tetsuo Unno, adjunct professor
Institute of Buddhist Studies/Gaduate Theological Union

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