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Digital Face
Trade paper -- 140 pp.
978-0-938513-57-5 $16.95
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stories, future, futurism, time travel, Zelda, surrealism, magical realism, fantasy, sci fi, romance, satire
short stories by Zelda Leah Gatuskin

Here are some of the characters and situations you will encounter in these highly original stories by award-winning author Zelda Leah Gatuskin:

"The Owl and the Pussycats" - Coping with Felinefilia.
"Handle With Care" - Sarena wants a tattoo.
"Secret of The Old" - Granny Mimmi tells all.
"Inside Her Eyelids" - Adrienne's muse is a pest.
"Digital Face" - What (not) to do about pores.
"Tsunami" - The woman who has everything wants less.
"Bill's Aphoristic Aphrodite" - Romance in a candy wrapper.
"Silver and Gold Apples" - A corner store for half-chances.
"After Babel" - Ruminations from the Prophetess Suomynona.
"A Man's Home Is His Castle" - Love and family, post power outage.
"You Can Only Go Back" - Temporal Exploration has already occurred.

With tart depictions of popular culture, imaginative takes on the future (and past) of humanity, and mystical currents swirling below the surface, these eleven stories blur the lines between surrealism, magical realism, fantasy, sci fi, romance, and satire. Gatuskin combines vivid description of external details with sympathetic attention to the inner lives of her characters to draw the reader into her amusing and thought-provoking scenarios.

Family ties, and romances both promising and ephemeral; American loneliness and the yearning to connect; artistic creativity, both traditional and ultra-digital; instant news about distant disasters; tattoos, technology, time-travel, and magic... In these closely-crafted stories, Zelda Gatuskin combines a spare realism with a bold experimentalism. Through bits and pieces gathered from here and there, she deftly evokes the world we find ourselves uneasily poised on in our time, a world where the concretely familiar and the everyday confront the virtual, the unexpected, the unknown. How "digital" are we, will we be? Read on; here are some imagined glimpses thereof!
--Gene H. Bell-Villada, Professor of Romance Languages, Williams College; author of THE PIANIST WHO LIKED AYN RAND: A Novella & 13 Stories
Like an unexpected detour, these diverse tales surprise, exasperate, entertain, and stir the imagination. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, the title story makes a statement not soon forgotten.
--Cleo Fellers Kocol, author of the memoir THE LAST ALOHA, and four novels, including THE GOOD FOREIGNER and her latest, A FOREVER LOVE

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