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"I Have These Questions"

Why do I have so many questions? Who has the answers to my questions? Why do some questions seem more important than others? Are some questions deeper than others? What can the human mind know? How many rays has the sun? How many drops are in the ocean? Where have you been all my life?

Who says I can't think and write in questions? Must a question have an answer in order to be a good question? Who will win the human race? Is there intelligent life on earth? What is information? Must what poses as information be true? What is truth?

Is anybody else asking these questions? Why do so many people crave extinction so badly? What do we want? What shall we do about that? Can we do it in time? Can we do it together? Where shall we start?

Aren't some of these what lawyers and teachers call leading questions? Where do they lead to? Will anybody follow? Does it matter? What's the matter? Isn't something the matter? Why do I feel that something is the matter? Why do I feel that I should do something about it? What shall I do? What do I want? Didn't that one come up before?

Who says which answers are right? What determines the rightness of an answer? What the hell is going on? Why should I care? Why should I get involved? Can't you see I'm busy? What time is it? Doesn't it seem late?

Does anything have any meaning? What survives the passage of time? What survives the erosion of age? Who says anything has to survive?

Why do I feel that something is missing? Where did you come from? Can you tarry here with me a while? Where did you get that beautiful smile? What can I do for you? What's your hurry? Why do you have to leave?

Is anybody there? Who's minding the store? Where is everybody? Is anyone in charge?

Why should I worry? Why should I care? Who's asking all these questions? What is the purpose of all these questions? Did you ever read an essay composed entirely of questions?

What is the object of the game? Is this a game? Why is the game over just as I learn how to play? Do you play harder in the second half? Is the time remaining a problem? Are we in sudden- death overtime?

What is the difference between courage and foolishness? Do you feel as foolish as I do? Where are we going? What are we doing here?

When will you dry behind the ears? When will you notice that you're being insulted? Why do you take everything personally? Can't you take a joke? What's funny?

What's a nice kid like you doing in a place like this? Where's the nearest exit? Do you smell smoke? Did you know that some of your questions are stupid? Where are we going? When do we get there? Are we there yet?

Are you aware of how much you turn me on? Have I told you lately that I love you? Do you love me? Isn't that an overloaded question?

Why do good people suffer? Is anybody keeping track? Would you feel better if you knew no one was keeping track? Why do some live so long? Why do some die so young? How much misery can a body stand? Did you know that laughing was good for you? When did you laugh last?

Do you have any friends? Are you a friendly person? What's the difference between happiness and joy? Are you happy? Have you found joy? Where shall I look?

Why is looking inside oneself so difficult and painful? Why do I love you? Am I keeping you up? What's it all about? Why question things? Why not question authority? Who put him in charge? When will it be my turn? Is it my turn already? Is it hot in here, or is it just me? Is it I? Why me?

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Copyright © 2004 Harry Willson

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