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"What a Year!"

We had flood and lightning,
But the world had lies and war.
The tsunami made us thoughtful
And we wonder who'll keep score,
When it's time for our departure -
At this stage we think like that -
Mortality does clear the mind,
Removing myths and fat.

We find meaning in each other,
Glad we still have work to do -
Books and stories, rants and columns -
They keep coming fresh and new.
There's bees to keep and wood to cut;
Tomatoes still grow here.
We sleep at night, and do take naps -
And what is there to fear?

All our friends and family
Matter very much to us.
You keep us focused here and now,
And that's a major plus.
Here's hoping that this next new year
Is good to us and you -
Let's focus on the good things -
Healing, love and each day new.

* * *
Copyright © 2005 Harry Willson

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