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"Let's Think about 'Legal'"

On the one hand --

"The drunks in Santa Fe can make anything legal." That's what some of us cynics used to say about the State Legislature, referring to all the members of that august body who were arrested for DWI. Actually the DWI thing seems to be less bad lately, but nevertheless legislators anywhere can make anything legal. "All in favor say, 'Aye.'"

Polluters, for example, when caught, will say, "We haven't done anything illegal," and the environmentalists then go and check the laws and, by gum, the polluters have indeed done their groundwork in the state capital, wherever, or at the EPA -- and whatever it is that we find reprehensible and extremely harmful to children and other living things is indeed legal.

The same is true of lobbying in Washington, or in any state capital. What the dictionary calls "bribery" has been made legal, and the word has been replaced by less evil-sounding phrases, like "influence peddling." Current scandals have legislators scrambling to "change the laws" and "reform the system," because they made bribery legal.

Lawmakers can make anything illegal, too. They can even make people "illegal." You've heard of illegal aliens. It is preposterous, I think. Humanity surely trumps legality. These are human beings! Any law which makes any human being illegal is itself illegal, or ought to be. Don't get this son of an immigrant starrrrrted...

On the other hand --

"We are a nation of laws." It's a mantra often heard. But if we are a nation of laws, not leaders, how is it that the acting president can get away with openly breaking the law, and asserting also that he intends to continue to do so? He and the mainstream media have diverted attention from his illegal actions, by shifting the question from, "Did he break the law?" to, "Oh, so you don't believe in national security?" Polls say that most people don't mind if he listens to other people's phone calls, but they'll object if he tries to listen to their own.

This country will be safer when we all recognize that this gang of lawbreakers use "national security" as a password, but are in fact totally incompetent to handle the real task of protecting people. New Orleans has proven that they don't even believe in trying to protect most people, who are non-white and/or non-rich. All those masses are quite expendable to them, while they pursue their lust for additional power and stolen wealth. And I, for one, regard myself as part of those threatened masses, and I think most of my readers are in the same group.

Just think about "legal." The current issue of THE WASHINGTON SPECTATOR has some very good questions: "If the president is permitted to break this law with no concrete justification at all, what law isn't he allowed to break? Can he rob a convenience store if he feels like it? Can he pocket taxpayer money? Or, how about carrying out assassinations of his political enemies? Can he do that, as long as he simply utters the phrase 'national security' or '9/11' over and over, even if he never proves that what he's doing has anything to do with actual national security?"

Amigos, we are in trouble.

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