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"The Next Scheduled Election"

Surely I'm not the only one who is sick and tired of all the energy, attention and money being spent on the next presidential election. One minor sign of relief turned up lately when we passed the milestone that indicated that the election was "only" one year away.

Debates, so-called, and interviews that go on too long on Sunday morning TV news programs, have some of us totally fed up. It is quite obvious that much of the motivation behind all this interest in an election a year away is that the nation is done with the acting president. He is the lamest of lame ducks. He never was smart enough to run the government. My hope is that the sovereign people have also had enough of those scoundrels who deliberately mismanage the government in order to be able to say, "See! We told you the government can't do anything right!" They don't do anything right, on purpose. But there are some things that badly need doing, which the government must do and do right. Universal health care, not "coverage," and alternative energy sources, just for starters.

At any rate, the country is through with the acting president. Even the Republicans are frantically running away from him and his record of the past seven years. Rats are jumping the sinking ship. It verges on the comical, until we think of the ruined lives that constitute that record.

Irony abounds. The Constitution has provision for what to do when the sovereign people are through with the chief executive. "High crimes and misdemeanors" are mentioned. If lying to take the nation into undeclared war isn't a crime, it ought to be. The Valerie Plame incident alone should have resulted in instant impeachment. The acting president himself declared that any and all who were involved in revealing her name and position would be fired. He said he needed impeachment, right?

Impeachment was declared "off the table" by the Speaker of the House. I suspect there was some false modesty in that. Removing the acting president and the vice-president would have made her president. The rest of the Democrats should have had their eye on the high crimes instead of that strangeness, but, no. We have another full year yet of government by people who don't believe in government and cannot govern.

Meanwhile we weary of all the hot air flying around, and it's still almost a year until the election is scheduled to take place. Some of us wonder whether all that blather, by candidates and pundits alike, will matter at all. A lot of very strange and unpredictable things can happen in a year. The Patriot Act contains provisions we don't know about, and the congresspersons who voted for it also don't know about. And there is National Security Presidential Directive 51 - "to ensure continuity of government" in the event of what the document very vaguely calls a "catastrophic emergency."* That could be anything from a terrorist attack on Washington to a nuclear explosion in New York to a particularly nasty hurricane. Imagine what a bomb in any good-sized mall anywhere in the country would do to shopping.

The acting president decides, according to the directive, when an emergency has occurred. He can do whatever he deems necessary to ensure continuity of government. He can cancel upcoming elections, suspend the Constitution, and/or launch a nuclear attack. There are two secret clauses in the directive which the administration won't disclose to anyone, including Congressional oversight committees, on the grounds of "national security concerns."

My fear is that the blathering of pundits will not determine the next election. It will be what I call "Cheney's stunt," which could be any horrible thing he pleases, to scare the sovereign people. Chanting, "It can't happen here," won't prevent anything. It's happening while we watch in Pakistan. Truth comes out finally, I do believe, but it is often too late for many innocent people.

[* Source THE WEEK, citing Ron Rosenbaum,]

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