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"The Need for Instruction"

    In a story by that name in VERMIN: HUMANITY AS AN 
ENDANGERED SPECIES, q.v., Johnny Plutonium states that most of the
sovereign citizens need instruction.  He's referring to the
presence of plutonium, a man-made lethal substance, in the
general environment.  
     Evidence supporting his general statement about the need for
instruction abounds in other areas.  The people of South Carolina
keep re-electing Strom Thurmond.  The people of North Carolina keep
re-electing Jesse Helms.  The people of Texas elected G. W. Bush
as governor, and the Republican Party has selected him as their
candidate for President of the United States of America.  If each
of these persons really is the best person available for high
office in each of these cases, then genetic degradation has
already set in and is far advanced.  Or, instruction is badly
     Now, it is well-known that most people don't like to be told
that they need instruction.  But if no one ever tells them, how
will they ever receive the instruction they so obviously need?
     Someone could ask, "And how did you, O Wise One, come to
know so much more than the majority of the sovereign citizens?"
     I will try to answer that question, although I admit at the
same time that I am quite mystified by it all.  It can't be that I
am very much more intelligent than the vast majority.  But
somehow I have become a person who can detect falsehood.  Some of
that may be a form of neoteny [a biological term which refers to
the retention into adulthood of characteristics typical of the very
young].  Young humans can detect falsehood very well and are made
quite indignant by its presence.  "The emperor has no clothes at
all!" bursts out from one of them, from time to time.  We usually
crush that awareness with schools and parental reprimands.  But
some escape the process, through a kind of immunity, and others,
like me, take a long, long looping detour around and back to that
child-like angle on things.  "Become as little children," one
Wise One said, once, and I guess have done it, a little.
     At any rate, I can detect falsehood.  I have spotted that
clarity that comes from the habit of doubt.  Remember DesCartes?
I have worked on cultivating the habit he recommended.  I have
learned to distrust authority -- all that falsehood which
authority indulges in makes it not only essential but easy. 
"National Security" are like magic words, warning me that
falsehood lurks nearby.  I question tradition, having found out
that by identifying who it is who benefits from tradition helps
me understand it better.  Owners, popes, bishops, high-ranking
officers and officials, mean old white men for the most part --
tradition is consistently for their benefit.
     Mastering the use of logical inference, which is not taught
effectively in most schools these days, has helped immensely. 
For example, concerning any one of several known holders of high
office, past and present, the logic goes, "No sentence known to
be true has ever been detected coming out of his mouth.  He just
said something.  Therefore, what he said is probably and almost
certainly not true."
     Comprehension and mastery of the manipulation of large
numbers helps.  "A one million dollar fine on a 4.5 billion
dollar contract would compare to how much on a $10,000 contract? 
The question brings it closer to home by comparing an ordinary small
business to those mega-"defense" corporations.  Do the math.  "x"
is to 10,000 as 1,000,000 is to 4,500,000,000.  "x" equals 2.22. 
It was not much of a fine after all.
     Mastery of elementary arithmetic, which is also not
communicated well in most schools any more, helps.  Lucy asks
Linus how much is 5 minus 10.  He says you can't subtract a big
number from a little number.  She barks in her inimitable big-
mouth way, "You can if you're stupid!" -- and we're all on the
verge of comprehending negative numbers, sometimes
euphemistically called "deficits."
     A careful study of history, and of the history of
propaganda, helps.  "Hitler dresses up his troops in Polish
uniforms and they attack a Nazi radio station and are repulsed
and World War II is under way.  Parallel incidents have occurred
since then in other places."  A good memory helps, and it helps
to keep it in practice deliberately.
     Now, where were we?  Oh, yes, the presence of plutonium in
the general environment.  Consider also a seriously genetically
altered food supply.  Then there's the Pentagon budget.  Global
warming.  High crimes and misdemeanors.  Bread and circuses.  And
the ignorance and helplessness of the vast majority of the
sovereign citizens.
     Where to begin?

                            *   *   *
Copyright © 2000 Harry Willson

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