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"Conservatives and Human Nature"

    The following three paragraphs were first written in 1986,
the year Amador Publishers offered its first title to the world:

	     "The American people have the government that 
	they do because a majority of the voters voted for it, 
	twice, being themselves greedy, racist, uncompassionate, 
	fearful, eager for simplistic explanations of complex 
	problems, not interested in future generations, and 
	lacking in faith in the human spirit or the physical/
	biological process which is life itself.
	     "The Reagan administration will not be out-
	maneuvered politically.  It will be superseded, or 
	changed, when the American people grow up, learn 
	to care, learn love, learn to walk in each other's 
	moccasins, learn to value this precious moment and 
	the future, and learn to find value in deeper things 
	than profit and self-indulgence.
	     "These things are hard to teach, and impossible to 
	communicate by means of TV ads.  These books which we 
	offer to the world may help.  They are offered with that 
	          A voice crying in the wilderness...
	          A light shining in the darkness...
	          A cup of water offered to the thirsty..."

   Reagan, and Bush I after him, and Bush II now, all claim to 
be conservatives, but they are not.  They use a phrase about 
getting the government "off our backs" to attract voters, but 
what they really mean is deregulation of business, allowing for 
poisonings and "accidents," setting up a long series of scandals 
and incidents of large-scale theft  Savings and Loan, Pentagon 
procurement, HUD, Enron, and many others.  The deficit 
which the bail-outs and tax cuts created now stands as the excuse 
for not rebuilding social betterment programs like free 
inoculations, universal health care, universal education and the 
general welfare.  At the same time these "conservatives" have put 
the police and the military into our homes, our schools, our 
libraries and our entire lives -- "on our backs" more than ever.
     The gang of thugs who now operate the government are called, 
"neo-cons," short for "new-conservatives."  Norman Podhoretz, 
Jeanne Kirkpatrick and William Crystol provided the original 
theoretical arguments, which are now being implemented by 
Wolfowitz, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Perle.  I used the term "neo-con" 
recently and triggered an explosion.  "They are not neo-
conservatives!  They are not conservatives at all!  They are 
     The label does fit, indeed.  With Fascism, huge corporations 
attempt to take over the world, using military force, and using 
it pre-emptively, as Hitler did.  He did not seek international 
approval, nor even his allies' approval, to invade Poland, 
Denmark, France, Norway and the USSR, to name only a few of his
targets.  He proudly called his technique, "Blitzkrieg" -- our
neo-cons call it "Shock and Awe."  The aftermath, in both cases,
is a total mess.  Steinbeck wrote an excellent novel, THE MOON IS
DOWN, showing how difficult occupation is.  "The flies have 
conquered the flypaper."  Hitler's retreat from Moscow was almost 
as miserable as Napoleon's.  Iraq today surprises very few real 
students of history.
     These people are not conservatives.  Their attitude toward 
surpluses and deficits proves that.  The tax cuts indicate that 
they are greedy, that is, merely human.  Greed is human.
     Lying and greed are merely human.  It seems to indicate that
socialism is idealistic, only, and totally unrealistic -- to
think that we are all in this together, that together we can
solve problems, that together we can disapprove of and limit
greed.  It seems to fly in the face of human nature.
     Yet it is clear that the extremes of lying and greed are
made worse by our culture, especially lately.  Secrecy, which is
a form of lying, and stealing, especially from the public by
public officials, businessmen and bankers, is not merely
"natural," and could be greatly lessened.
     Perhaps Amador Publishers is simply out of step, not only
with this culture, but with our very humanity.  I don't think so,
but if so, then so be it.  We still believe it is shameful,
harmful, disgusting and dangerous to lie, cheat, steal, sell one
another, trade in blood and lives and body parts and hopes and
dreams.  It is very bad to have leaders who lie and murder, who
approve of it, encourage us to approve of it, hire it done,
recommend it, order it, ask us to pay for it.  We do not approve.
We withhold our consent.
                            *   *   *
Copyright © 2003 Harry Willson

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