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	In this writer's opinion, William Jefferson Clinton has been an extremely
bad President, for the following reasons, listed in approximate order of

1.  For signing the welfare-destruction bill,
2.  For asking for and signing DEA authorization bills, including bills
which allow police to confiscate property "without due process."
3.  For signing the new nuclear weapons authorization bill ["safeguard,"
4.  For bungling health care reform, allowing insurance companies into the
plan, never seriously considering the "single payer" plan which works fine
in most industrialized countries.
5.  For bungling the tobacco bill; for quitting before victory was won.
6.  For failing to lead in the much-needed criminalization of bribery -- what
some call "campaign finance reform."
7.  For failing to insist on real Pentagon budget reduction; for failing to
repudiate the "two wars at a time" Pentagon model.
8.  For failure even to suggest revamping or dismantling the CIA, now that
the Cold War is over.
9.  For consistently caving in on environmental issues -- oil drilling in the
Alaskan Wilderness, e.g.
10.  For allowing and encouraging the expansion of NATO
11.  For failure to sign the anti-landmine treaty.
12.  For failure to sign the UN War Crimes Tribunal treaty [along with
Israel, Iran and Libya].
13.  For failure to pay our UN dues.
And I haven't gotten to his sex life yet - I find myself not much interested
in it - it would be beyond twentieth on the list, if I continued.

	The talk/"news" shows go on and on, listing the proper papers needed to
call for impeachment, on and on about Monica and Hillary.  One of them
interviewed Henry Kissinger, that great American statesman.  Adela, knowing
the extremely low regard we both have for him, and wanting to avoid an
apoplectic fit, in my case, turned it off.  After the sense of relief,
having that much concentrated evil removed from the room, I wondered whether
his appearance could be a hidden editorial comment from the news department
producer.  "You think Clinton is a bad man in high office?  We'll gie ye
bad!  We'll gie ye pure unadulterated and unpunished evil!  Here we give you
the greatest living war criminal of our century, perhaps of any century.
He's an honored member of the faculty at Harvard!"

	And then I tried to imagine what Kissinger really would say.  I'm free to
imagine, right?
	"All this sex is disgusting and should be stopped.  The Presidency of the
United States is not about love or sex, or copulation or fellatio.  It is
about power, the power to kill.  I set the standard, when I wielded the
power, and admitted that it was the ultimate aphrodisiac.  Millions in
VietNam, millions in Cambodia, thousands in Laos [not so many, because there
weren't that many to begin with].  Many thousands in Chile, Argentina,
Guatemala, and El Salvador - and my successors killed many more in
Nicaragua, Iran, Iraq, Angola, Namibia, Panama and Libya.
	"Clinton hasn't killed anybody in six years.  It's disgraceful.  All that
budget for mass-slaughter, in order to create love and respect for America,
and he doesn't use it.  Nothing but sex, which never hurt anyone.  He should
be removed from office immediately, so that the killing can resume."

	And, as it happened, it was a few short minutes after I wrote the above two
paragraphs, the killing did resume, in Afghanistan and Sudan, in retaliation
for the bombing of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.  So now Clinton has
joined the ranks of the mass murderers, trying to be presidential, no doubt.

	But he does not look comfortable wielding power.  He appears to be afraid
to assert himself,  afraid of his own power, afraid to use it.
	He's afraid of everybody:  

*afraid of the Pentagon, because he never served in the Armed Forces,
*afraid of the fundamentalists, evidently suspecting that they just may
have some kind of inside track to "God," the ultimate secret weapon,
*afraid of Congress, backing off whenever there's a threat of a showdown,
*afraid of the Republicans, afraid to oppose them - he infuriates them by
taking up their causes and doing more with them than the Republicans would
ever do [welfare, police power, drug "war," war budget, NAFTA, anti-labor
*afraid to challenge Starr directly, as Andrew Jackson or Harry Truman
surely would have done by now,  ["Prove it!  Find an unperjured witness, and
prove it!  I admit to nothing, nothing at all.  It is pure fabrication, a
right-wing conspiracy.  Prove it!"]
*and now, at last, he is afraid of Hillary.
* * *
Copyright © 1998 Harry Willson

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