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Updated December 2022

How much money have you spent so far submitting your chapbook, larger collection and/or individual poems to contests and competitions? Who is sitting in judgment of your poetry? How long will you wait for the gatekeepers of university publishing to invite you into the fold? And meanwhile, let me guess, you've been printing out little bundles of poems for your family and friends — your own personal fan club who would love to have your collection, whether you win any prizes or not.

The Worldwind Books Poetry Series is a service for U.S. poets with collections of 80 manuscript pages minumum whose work merits publication for worldwide distribution.

Your book will be professionally designed and published as part of the Worldwind Books Poetry Series, under contract to Amador Publishers, LLC. Your package will incude ISBN and Library of Congress numbers, copyright to the author, international availability, royalties, and a low author's price for you regardless of how many books you order, any time.

How to Submit Your Poetry

Poetry FAQ

What makes a collection suitable for the Worldwind Books Poetry Series?
Worldwind Books seeks to publish a diversity of voices and a variety of poetic styles. We look for poetry collections that are slim and cohesive with some thematic or aesthetic unity. (Do not send your "Complete Works".) Poets may also want to include a brief bio and/or author statement, but remember that the poetry should speak for itself. We have determined that 96 to 140 total pages is the optimum size for the books in this series.

Who decides if my work is suitable for Worldwind Books?
Right now it is me, Zelda Gatuskin, your humble, overworked owner/editor of Amador Publishers, LLC. As the series grows I will be reaching out to the poets who are accepted for publication to assist in evaluating submissions. In this way, I hope to build a strong identity for Worldwind Books Poetry and maintain consistently high standards, so that every poet will be proud to be affiliated with the series.

How do I submit my poetry?
On the How to Query page: How to Submit Your Poetry

How should I prepare my poetry document?
On the How to Query page: Preparing Your Poetry Manuscript

How long should I wait for you to reply to my query or submission?
If you provide an e-mail address or stamped return postcard, I will notify you of receipt of your material within a couple of days. Allow 6-8 weeks for a complete response. Return to this web page periodically for updates on response times.

Will my poetry be edited?
Your poetry will not be edited. This means that we will not change your wording or punctuation and will not interfere with the meaning or cadence of your poetry. However, your poetry will be proofed. If there is anything that looks unusual in a poem, we will bring it to your attention so that you may provide clarification and/or make any necessary changes. We will always discuss proposed changes with you, and you will be provided with a proof copy prior to printing.

Why do you have a specific page range for poetry books?
We have determined that 96 to 140 total pages is the optimum size for our series with respect to production costs, marketing strategies, audience appeal and price point. From a strictly visual/physical perspective, we want the book to be thick enough to have printing on the spine, yet thin enough that the reader might carry it with them, and formatted to invite the reader into the poet's meditative space. We pay close attention to format and appearance so that the reader can pay attention to your poetry.

What will my poetry book look like?
Worldwind Books Poetry Series specifications: 6"x9" trade paperback, black ink interior with up to 12 pages b/w art, full color cover. The cover will be designed from a standard format, but colors, artwork and font styles are flexible so that each book has a unique look. The minimum number of total pages must be 96, to allow room for printing on the spine.

How much will my book sell for?
Titles in the Worldwind Books Poetry Series retail for $14.95 and up, based on the page count. The price is printed on the back of the book with the barcode. The book will be available through on-line vendors, who may discount the price.

How much will I make in royalties?
Amador authors earn royalties of 10% up to 25% on the total proceeds collected by the publisher on all book sales (wholesale and retail). Royalties are paid quarterly.

How much will I have to pay for publishing services?
The publishing package for a poetry book of 96 to140 pages is negotiable, and in some cases the author is only asked to pay for an initial book order.

Is it going to be obvious if I paid to publish my book?
First of all, your book will not be self-published. You will have a professionally published book, a formal Author Agreement with Amador Publishers, LLC, and worldwide distribution. All imprint titles are marketed alongside the full Amador list.

Can I include photos and art in my poetry book?
Yes! Graphics can complement your poetry nicely. We like to include some graphic elements throughout your collection (where appropriate) to create an appealing layout and flow. We are happy to recommend suitable graphics if you do not have anything specific in mind. However, your collection will be judged only on the poetry. Do not send us any art with your submission. If your work is accepted, we will discuss artwork at a later time.

How long will it take to publish my poetry?
Your book can be published in 8 to 12 months.

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