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Worldwind Books is an imprint
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Updated February 2024

Sping, 2024: We are proud to announce our first prose title...

FALLING IS EASY a novella in 2 parts & 3 poems by Zelda Leah Gatuskin, and we are interested in publishing more short fiction in a companion series to the Worldwind Books Poetry Series. If you have a short work of literary fiction (20,000-40,000 wds), you may bypass the Manuscript Review Service described below. Instead, please review the Poetry FAQ and follow the Query instructions (replace "Poetry" with "Short Fiction" in your tags).

*** In order for your prose book to be considered for the Worldwind Books imprint, you must purchase the Manuscript Review Service and be prepared to submit your completed manuscript. This service is reasonably priced and will help you cut through a lot of b.s. You will be under no obligation to purchase more services or publish with Amador. ***

Amador Publishers is striving to build a press with a reputation for excellence, bring all of our existing titles into the digital marketplace, and find distinctive new titles and energetic authors, so that we may achieve a platform that sustains itself through sales. Even so, there will always be projects that are worthy but too ambitious for this small press. Publishing fees allow us to pay our trusted design and editorial consultants to help produce quality titles that would not otherwise be brought to the public.

We are selective in the titles we publish and meticulous in our pre-press process. We strive for high literary quality and professional production. A publishing arrangement with Worldwind Books / Amador Publishers secures the author's intellectual property with a registered copyright, generates royalties and sales revenue for the author, and opens the door to exciting new outlets for the work.

What type of material will WWB Prose publish?

  • Worldwind Books will publish well-written genre novels as well as more eclectic fiction, and non-fiction geared to a general audience.
  • We are not considering children's books, cookbooks or other books requiring interior color at this time.
  • We will consider new editions of previously published material. Books that were published but are now out of print will be considered, provided there is suitable documentation that all rights have reverted to the author.
Please see the Prose FAQ for more publishing information.

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