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March 1, 2024: We are proud to announce our first prose title...

FALLING IS EASY a novella in 2 parts & 3 poems by Zelda Leah Gatuskin


Have you written a book from beginning to end which you think is worthy of publication, or would be if you had some professional guidance?

Have you been collecting rejection letters from agents and publishers who offer no more feedback than, "It's not for us. Good luck"?

Are you throwing money away on contests and competitions?

Are some people urging you to self-publish, while others are warning you not to self-publish?

We've been there! In response to the need for more publishing assistance and opportunities, we have established the Worldwind Books imprint to serve as a publishing identity for a wide diversity of works beyond the Amador profile.

We've weathered a lot of changes in the publishing industry, seen every kind of scam and publishing heartbreak - and success story - and we're ready to put our expertise to work for you. A customized publishing arrangement with Worldwind Books / Amador Publishers secures your intellectual property with a registered copyright, generates royalties and sales revenue for you, and opens the door to exciting new outlets for your work.

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