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Movie and TV Rights

Screenwriters and Producers, you have come to the right place for richly descriptive, original stories to spark your cinematic imagination. The Amador Publishers list provides a wealth of creative, compelling content for adaptations to film and TV. Our authors have been selected based on the inclusiveness, intelligence, and sheer storytelling power of their writing.

The fantasy and young adult fiction of author-artist Zelda Leah Gatuskin is ideally suited to treatment for feature films or TV serials. Clever and engaging, her family-friendly work is distinguished by interwoven double plots and a depth of description and character development that imbue the most fantastic situations with believability.

Castle Lark and The Tale that Stopped Time
[Star Trek: The Next Generation meets The Princess Bride]
Two snarky teens thrown together on a tour of post-evacuation, theme-park-like Earth discover a castle ruin beneath the mutant ivy now blanketing the planet. They begin to read an ancient text, waking the secret magical force that animates the vine. While scientists, corporate henchman and worried parents converge on the castle, the charmed tale slows Time, and there is a real danger that its ending, if it comes at all, will not be a happy one for Humanity.

[The Red Shoes meets Latcho Drom with a plot, and cats]

Book 1: The Time Dancer
A magical Gypsy travels along the Spiral Map of Time forward, back, and across to a parallel universe (our own), seeking adventure and new spells. Her time-dancing leads to a disastrous apprenticeship with a Master Seer, romance with an intrepid musician in the ten-years-ago, and forays to the Alternate World, where she finds refuge in a New Age shop, and affirms for its owner the existence of a world of magic just the other side of our dreams.

Book 2: The Two Magicians
In a magical mountain range below The Top Of The World, a Witch's Familiar is tricked by an ambitious young wizard; her attempts to find him lead her to the intrepid Time Dancer and her lover from the ten-years-ago, exposing a dangerous breech in the Spiral Map of Time. With their magic leaking into a New Age summer solstice gathering on the other side of the mountain, the Witches' fractious Coven and their Familiars unite to repair the Spiral, causing old secrets to surface.

[Sequel to The Time Dancer, The Two Magicians catches up to the New Age shop owner who befriended the time-dancing Gypsy, while also providing the back story of the Master Seer, whom the Gypsy was trying to escape in Book 1, and continuing the story of the Gypsy's time-crossed romance.]

Book 3: The Ten Years
A brief visit to the past for a Time Dancer is one thing, but a ten years leap forward by a naive fiddler is quite another. When the Gypsy's lover is forced to go back and make up his missed ten years, she decides to stay with him and go around again, no matter the complications — but there are many more problems than she expected, beginning with the fact that she's expecting!

[Sequel to The Two Magicians, The Ten Years explores the back story of the Gypsy herself, as well as that of her lover, as they hide out on his remote Celtic island. Meanwhile their time travels continue to cause havoc in the realm of the Witches; and in the Alternate World the New Age shop is once again acting as a portal between the worlds.]

Short Stories from DIGITAL FACE
[The Twilight Zone meets the Twilight series]

"Silver and Gold Apples"
Local ex-vet realtor and all around good guy rents out the corner store and falls in love with the proprietor, despite her running a business that is so peculiar he comes to suspect her of having alien or supernatural origins; meeting her parents only raises more questions.

"You Can Only Go Back"
Fascinated by an obscure podcast from the Temporal Security Administration, a young man goes to the only place where people still talk to each other in person, but he gets more than he bargained for when he lingers on at the Barbershop, and is recruited to take over the time-travel itinerary of a rogue Historian.

"Digital Face"
Adoring make-up artist and his techie nephew create a digital face for a celebrity who wants to be literally photo-shop perfect, even in person, and is used to getting what she wants.

"Secret of The Old"
Why do all old people start to look alike? Because when we get old we are overtaken by a timeless being. This is among many secrets we all know at birth and then forget; but the narrator of this tale managed to hang onto the knowledge long enough to meet The Old for herself and then write about It — only, everyone thinks she's just senile.

Where the Sky Used to Be
[The Breakfast Club meets Tuesdays with Morrie]
Treatment 1 (focus on Teen 1): A socially inept teen artist struggling to break away from her clinging Boomer parents and her increasingly distant BFF is buffeted between chaotic coming-of-age adventures and the contained drama of the nursing home she visits after school, where a difficult dementia patient becomes her cause, then her confessor, oracle and friend.

Treatment 2 (focus on Teen 2): A sixteen-year-old wants to die after an assault at a frat party shatters her confidence; an institutionalized ninety-one-year-old also wants to die, but she has dementia and keeps forgetting she's starving herself; when the teen is recruited to help deliver lunches to the old woman, and takes up the cause of the nursing home residents, she finds renewed strength, purpose and self-respect.

Treatment 3 (focus on both girls): Two best friends in a southwest college town find sanctuary from parental and personal conflicts when they are recruited to make weekly visits to a nursing home, where they become fans and champions of the residents.

"What Was She Thinking?" (adaptation to radio play)
A woman returning from a family emergency tries to read a contemplative book by Krishnamurti, but is repeatedly distracted by the interactions of the couple beside her, in which the fretful wife badgers the truculent husband about their daughter's impending wedding; while the book advises that thinking doesn't solve our problems but causes them, the wife keeps shrilly repeating, "What was she thinking?"

Short Story from ANCESTRAL NOTES
"The Rabbi's Shoe" (original title "The Cockroach and the Jew")
(adaptation to animated short)
When an orthodox but impoverished Jew goes to the forest on Saturday to chop wood, he is punished for working on the Sabbath by being shrunk to the size of a cockroach, and ends up in the woodpile of non-Jewish villagers, where, with insects and vermin for companions and a Christian family that is not so unlike his own to observe, he is redeemed through humility and empathy. After being restored to normal size in miraculous fashion, people of all faiths treat him as a holy man ever after.

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