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Republicans Have a Plan
July 14, 2021
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Republicans under the leadership of Mitch McConnell have a plan to slow the flow of immigrants to this country. They are well aware that a wall at the Mexico border was never going to work. Even if some of the brown-skinned people to the south could be deterred by such a pitiful structure, the wall has no impact at all on those others coming from Asia, Africa and the Middle East. (Emphasis on their otherness; Europeans welcome.) No, a mere wall was never going to do. But it was a start, step one in the diabolical right-wing scheme to make their country not just hard to get into, but a truly undesirable destination.

Some plan, huh? Destroy the democratic system that draws people to the U.S. Destroy the social safety net. Fill the airwaves and schoolrooms with destructive propaganda and dangerous lies that cause conflict. Denigrate and exploit women. Undermine the rule of law; pack the courts; encourage mob violence. Attack voting rights; enable tax dodgers; suppress wages; and pollute, pollute, pollute. In short, make this country not so different than the countries all those desperate or aspiring people are fleeing.

Make America great by becoming more like N. Korea, Russia, Syria...? Mitch McConnell is playing a dangerous game as he fights every piece of legislation that would in fact improve our country. How many opportunities did he have to disavow Trump and save his party from falling into this horrifying downward spiral? But he and his minions choose to cling to power instead of principles. They seem not to have any principles left, actually, to have given up any semblance of a cohesive conservative platform in favor of this simple contrarian position: If the Dems want it, we'll deny it.

Childishness is dangerous coming from people with great power -- think of lunatic leaders throughout history all the way up to Trump. But the steady, single-minded, carefully crafted strategies of their arrogant puppeteers is where the real threat lies. Democracy has inevitably led us down the path of inclusiveness and reparations. This is the essence of our quest for a more perfect union that recognizes the fundamental worth and worthiness of all people. But Republican leadership continues their efforts to derail our great American experiment. They would send us back to the days of strongmen dictators, religious fundamentalism and feudal wealth..

I suppose it's true that if only we could be mean and greedy and sexist and racist and authoritarian and violent and just plain incompetent enough, we'd definitely solve our immigration problems. You sure don't see immigrants flooding into Venezuela or Yemen, right?

So we are in a race to the bottom, with McConnell continuing to block the will of the majority and the efforts of leaders lawfully elected to carry out the people's business. He is not interested in the democratic process, or in making America great. He wants his party to be in charge, and himself to be in charge of his party. So long as he can be top dog, the rest of us can go to hell, and our precious democracy too. It's evil, but it's a plan.

Now, how do we plan to stop him?

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