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Democrats Should Be Proud
February 1, 2020
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That was awesome. I could not be prouder of our Democratic Representatives, House Speaker and House Managers for their articulate, thorough and reasoned consideration and then prosecution of the case for impeaching DJT. I commend the Democratic Senators for their principled unity, and I condemn the Republicans of both houses for dereliction of duty. The media, in my opinion, is complicit for doing the Republicans' legwork in foreshadowing and thus normalizing "inevitable" outcomes: denial of witnesses, and now "likely acquittal." Moral outrage, anyone?

How about just a little imagination? What if a fair number of "no" votes on witnesses are actually "yes" votes for conviction and removal? What if Senators have indeed heard enough to rule that the president is not only guilty, but is such a menace to our democracy that the vote to remove should be held sooner rather than later? This could be the Republicans' chance to open up the next election to an honest, capable candidate. Unlikely? Impossible? So what. The talking heads have hours and hours to narrate and speculate, why must we hear the same points and positions endlessly repeated, as if purposefully to bore, demoralize, and ultimately make us tune out? (Then tomorrow's headline can be: Voters Tuning Out)

We'll see what the next days bring. If not conviction and removal, still, in the weeks and months to come the case for ousting a corrupt administration -- having been delivered with such clarity, and now standing uncontested because of the truncated non-trial -- will be routinely repeated in clips and quotes. If and when new evidence of more corruption emerges, the case for the ousting of the Trump regime's enablers and apologists will become crystal clear as well.

Now we know why Speaker Pelosi was so reluctant to pursue impeachment, and we also know why she finally did. She was doing the job she was elected to do. Democratic lawmakers took seriously their oath to defend the Constitution and did their job for the country, while Republican lawmakers did a job on the country. I wish the whole Republican leadership could be impeached. They failed in their single greatest responsibility to their constituents: to vet their presidential candidate in order to offer voters someone of integrity who has experience in public service and knowledge of and respect for the laws of the land.

Here again, I need to call out the media for their narrative and acceptance of the "playing to the base" strategy. True leaders lift up "the base" rather than gutlessly pander to the lowest (or simply loudest) common denominator. Yet these days the highest official in the country can get right down in the slops with the most extreme, repugnant elements of society, and the media will make an allowance for "playing to the base." The word "base" has never been more apt.

Democrats are not immune to political temptations, and such normalization of "base" behavior on the part of Republicans may make them feel they have to play the same game. I urge them not to. Let's keep to the high ground and always strive to uplift and educate. We need only look to our Democratic lawmakers for example.

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