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July 5, 2017
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[Found in my spam folder from]

Subject: Not sure how they're getting hold of it

To The Author,

Everyone is waiting for you to reveal yourself. Except me, of course. Cheerio.

"An exceptionally peculiar book. Its device is either too cute by half or spine-tinglingly plausible. The author has an uncanny ability to render outlandish events believable and imbue everyday matters with mystery. Be forewarned, your mind will be infected." --Galeside Sentinel

"The Two Magicians, from Nowhere to Forever is billed as a sequel to The Time Dancer, but it serves equally as a prequel. The story focuses on the key character of Malcom the Master Seer who seemingly met his demise at the end of The Time Dancer, but returns here as either one of two magicians or two magicians in one. Naturally the Time Dancer herself, magic-dancing Esmarelda, and her Celtic companion George Drumm, also figure into this story of parallel worlds, flying carpets and naive interlopers from the the other side who dance along the edges of the Spiral Map of Time. Romantic and clever." --Hermann Sorenson, Crossroads City Ledger

"The Two Magicians is an enthralling cat's cradle of a tale that ties up quite satisfactorily, yet leaves a few crucial questions dangling. Some readers may feel daunted by the girth of the volume at the start, but I guarantee you will be hungry for more by the finish. While you await the next installment, read or re-read that 'purple-bound wonder' The Time Dancer, if you can get your hands on it." --Quinn Milwit, Red River Quarterly

"One feels the book is written with a wink, but to whom -- the new breed of magic-deniers, or our esteemed community of occult artisans? We recommend The Two Magicians as a pleasant diversion, not to be taken too seriously." --The Ochersfeldt Gazette

[The Two Magicians is readily available here in the Alternate World both in print and digital editions, and yet another mysterious book has followed, The Ten Years.]

* * *

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