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Summer Blockbusters
July 17, 2016
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Maybe it's time to notice who's feeding America's appetite for violence -- and go on a diet.

The Mogul

Give me a star
a car
an army
a pushcart
and a babe with the bod of Barbarella
and I'll give you a film that'll kill
I mean Kill
sweat-flopping Death
and that's just the trailer

Give me a blonde with an attitude
a band of brothers
some badass androids
suicide bomb zombies
and a kosher delicatessen
and I'll knock out a flick that'll really bust their blocks
I tell ya
they won't know if their mouths are watering
or they're peeing their pants

Just give me something
and irreverent
with a sound track by Philip Glass
stunts by Jackie Chan
that funny chick
a CGI worldwide viral apocalypse
and a china shop
and I'll make you the kind of movie
that'll make you never need to see
another movie

And then
this is the sweet part
we'll make it again

Zelda Leah Gatuskin, July 2016

* * *

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