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IT seemed that greed and politics had taken over the intellect of all who could power a pen or a microphone...then we discovered Harry Willson, who clearly saw through the subterfuge being put off on our citizenry, and gave us his RANTS to support the idea that truth will eventually bubble to the surface. Thank you to Harry for all his life brought to us, wherever that good spirit resides. I hope he keeps on keeping on. While we are HERE, let us ALL keep on.   Leona Heitsch, Bourbon, Missouri

I knew Harry Willson as a Humanist, a friend, and as a source of information on all things relating to writing and publishing. I found his books, especially Freedom from God and Myth and Mortality, marvelously inspirational. I was always encouraged by his wise advice and readiness to take time to help, and I felt privileged when he agreed to read Walking The Tao before its publication. Later, he generously endorsed my effort, contributed back cover commentary, and gently urged me along to its completion. I felt fortunate, indeed, to have the assistance of so able a writer and thinker and such a good friend.   Paul H. Deal, Albuquerque, NM

To Leon EnCamino, Adela and the friends of Amador Publisher's and Harry,
    When Duke City Tales was newly released, my Grandmother, who lived in New Mexico from the time I was a young teen, read it, loved it and contacted the publishing company to order a copy for me. Harry answered the phone and autographed the book that I still cherish today. She was so tickled to speak with him! He was just as accessible for me when I wrote (longhand, back then) to thank him for his themes and thoughts in that book. I continued to buy more books and we continued to correspond for a few years. He took me to places in his books that I had not been before and I realized that had my Grandmother read A World for the Meek first, I would never have known of him! That book really stretched my psyche in some ways that took some fortitude, but I was better for it.
    In December, 1998 I was in Albuquerque for a month to be with my Grandmother as she was passing and was able to purchase Christmas Blues the perfect accompaniment to the time spent there. My grandparents were the bright spot of unconditional love in my life in a family of dysfunctional individuals and the contrast gave me an odd sort of peace....
    I have looked forward each month to reading Harry's Rant; his activism in thought, deed and in writing have continued to inspire me and I have my own little enclave of humanist thought here in my woods because of him. Through his recent Rants, I was aware of his changes and I appreciated so much that he still so thought-full and working on even his piano playing when thrust into a different world.
    These are small words, not close to articulating the way this man impacted my life and thinking. They are no surprise to those of you who have lived with him and loved him and my thoughts are with you all. May his work move on always,   Karen, Virgil, NY

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