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Prose FAQ

FAQs about... What we do and don't publish
Q: What kind of books does Amador Publishers look for?
A: Please consult our Submissions Page for our current interests. Over the years we have published: Fiction, creative non-fiction, biography, philosophy, mixed-genre, prose collections; sci-fi, fantasy, magical realist, feminist, and historical novels; essays/opinion, satire, and non-fiction geared to a general audience. Our imprint Worldwind Books is the publishing identity for a broader range of titles, including poetry.

Q: Are there certain types of books you won't consider?
A: We are not considering children's books, cookbooks or books requiring interior color. We are not interested in fiction with extreme or repeated scenes of graphic sex or violence.

Q: I am looking for a print publisher only and do not want to give up the rights to e-books and audio books, should I query?
A: Our standard publishing contract gives Amador Publishers, LLC the right of first refusal for all editions of the work. If you are only looking for a print publisher and will be pursuing other options for alternative formats of your book, Amador is not be the right publisher for you.

Q: What if my book includes material from other authors?
A: Our Author Agreement requires the author to certify that they hold all of the rights and permissions to all of the material they plan to publish. Manuscripts that rely heavily on excerpts and quoted material will not be considered.

The Worldwind Books imprint
Q: What type of material is published under the Worldwind Books imprint?
A: Worldwind Books will publish well-written genre novels as well as more eclectic fiction. We will also consider non-fiction geared to a general audience. We will consider new editions of out-of-print titles. And we publish poetry collections.

Q: How do I submit my prose book project to Worldwind Books?
A: Follow instructions for Prose Queries and indicate your interest in Worldwind Books.

Q: How do I submit my poetry collection to Worldwind Books?
A: Here are instructions for Poetry Queries.

Printing services and previously published books
Q: My book was published but has gone out of print, can you issue a new edition?
A: Possibly. If you have a significant title that has been out of print for some time, and all rights have reverted to you, you may send a query. Please provide all details of previous publication and ownership of rights. New editions of previously published works are issued through our Worldwind Books imprint; fees may apply.

Q: I am not happy with my current publisher, can you issue a new edition?
A: No. We do not consider books that are presently published in any format. If you have self-published, or are not satisfied with your current e-book or print publisher, do not submit the same content to Amador.

Q: My book is edited, formatted and ready to go. How much will it cost to print?
A: Amador Publishers, LLC is not a printer or manufacturer of books. You must go through the query process to be considered for publication.

Q: I have run out of copies of my book, can you print another batch for me?
A: No.

Q: I bought an ISBN number for my book, will you publish it for me?
A: We only publish under our own ISBN numbers. You may query, but if the book is accepted we cannot use your ISBN.

Book length and format
Q: How long can my book be?
A: Novels should be complete and in the range of 75,000-130,000 words. Biography/memoir, short fiction, essays and mixed genre collections: 60,000 words minimum.

Author fees and book purchases
Q: Is there a fee to query?
A: We are currently requesting that prose authors purchase the Manuscript Review service. You will receive substantive feedback on both your concept and writing, and manuscripts are automatically considered for publication.

Q: Is there a fee to publish a new work?
A: There is no pre-set publishing fee. However, should an author be unable to provide their material as requested, we will offer a proposal for paid services such as scanning, additional rounds of editing, and preparation of author-provided art. The author is under no obligation to purchase these services from Amador Publishers.

Q: Does the author have to buy books?
A: Don't you want to? We guarantee a reduced author price (typically 50% of retail). This is available at any time, but we encourage the author to pre-pay for a quantity of books to help defray initial production costs. You can earn more per copy by selling your book than you will make on royalties from retail sales.

Author royalties and payments
Q: If my book is accepted, will I receive an advance?
A: No, Amador does not provide any advance payment to authors.

Q: How often are royalties paid?
A: Royalties on all sales receipts from all sources are reported quarterly and paid by check when the amount reaches $20 or more.

Q: What royalties do you pay?
A: 10%-25% on all sales receipts from all sources.

Q: I know people are buying my book, so how come I haven't seen any royalties?
A: It can take 90 days for your publisher to receive payment for books sold online and in stores.

Book marketing
Q: How will my book be advertised?
A: Promotional web pages, pre-publication and new release announcements, review copy offers, ongoing outreach to targeted contacts.

Q: Will I get a book tour?
A: No. If you set up appearances and signings for yourself, we will help you publicize them, and we can assist the venue with acquiring books if necessary.

How to submit a book
Q: How do I submit a book for consideration?
A: Please see this page: How to Query

Q: How should I format my manuscript?
A: Please see these pages: Prose Manuscripts    Poetry Manuscripts

Q: Can I submit material by snail mail?
A: Yes.

Q: My manuscript is not finished yet, can I send a proposal?
A: No. We do not consider books that are not finished.

Q: Can I send you my manuscript by email?
A: Do not send your manuscript file unless invited to do so; emails with unsolicited attachments are deleted unopened. See: How to Query

Q: Can I call you to tell you about my book?
A: No. You're a writer, so write to us.

General Questions
Q: Is Amador Publishers a traditional publisher?
A: The short answer is yes. We are a small independent publisher. We provide thorough editing and proofreading, book design, ISBN and LOC registration, worldwide distribution, royalties, and copyright to the author.

Q: How long will it take to publish my book?
A: It can take up to two years from acceptance of your manuscript to its print publication.

Q: How many books will be printed to start?
A: We use the print-on-demand model in lieu of large print runs. This provides the most access to our titles with the least amount of waste and transportation cost. Our books are available for purchase worldwide; they are printed when ordered at the nearest facility. Amador Publishers orders a small print run at the outset and keeps books on hand for promotions, events and direct sales; the author is encouraged to do the same.

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