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"My Soul's Journey" Online Book Launch Event
broadcast from Chicago on December 11, 2021
Featuring poet W.C. Aldridge and photographer Michele Lee
with Online Facilitator Tia Smith
Press Release   Event Flier (pdf)
Many thanks to all who joined live to celebrate the release of
MY SOUL'S JOURNEY collected poems by W.C. Aldridge.
Video Highlights
Video provided by and used with permission of W.C. Aldridge. Additional credits and thanks.
  • Introductions by Tia Smith
  • W.C. Aldridge Opening Remarks
  • Poem 1: "Ever Present" - Intro, Reading, and Discussion of painting by Annie Lee
  • Poem 2: "Same. Difference." - Intro, Reading and Discussion of photo "Mr. and Mrs. Duck" by Michele Lee
  • Poem 3: "Where I Grew" - Intro, Reading and Discussion of photo "Wise Eyes" by Michele Lee
  • Comments and Credits by Tia Smith

My Soul's Journey book cover
ISBN 978-0-938513-71-1
trade paperback, 6x9, 120 pp, $16.95

   With her soul lighting the way, Ms. Aldridge embarks on a journey both unique and universal, reflecting on family, culture, hurt and healing. The book is sprinkled with photographs by Michele Lee, and includes the iconic image "5th Grade Substitute" by Annie Lee, a detail of which graces the cover.

author WC Aldridge
author W.C. Aldridge

photographer Michele Lee
photographer Michele Lee

photo by Michele Lee - Black Butterfly Photography - Chicago
"Wise Eyes" by Michele Lee

Special Thanks To:

Our Chicago Event Hosts, Bill and Vivical Jenkins, Health, Wellness, and Innovative Creations

Our On-Line Event Facilitator, Tia Smith of Faithful 15 Singles Ministry

Michele Lee and Black Butterfly Photography-Chicago

Our Assistants, Reggie Aldridge and Al Lee

Zelda Gatuskin and Amador Publishers, LLC, for web presence, publicity and video editing


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