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Are You Ready for a Serious Critique?

Amador Publishers' editor-in-chief Zelda Gatuskin will provide a critique of your book's key strengths and weaknesses with recommendations for how to proceed with your project. There is a nonrefundable $500 fee for this service regardless of the length of the manuscript. All completed manuscripts are considered for our list.

"....I appreciate very much your work and candor."

About My Manuscript Review Service
by Zelda Leah Gatuskin, August 2021

Your quest for publication begins with writing a good book.

It can take a few passes. Friends won't necessarily say if they didn't like it or be able to identify what's wrong. I look at both your writing and your story with an artist's eye. My critiques have been met with appreciation, and in some cases, a little dismay. The most common response, boiled down to a few words, has been: Honest and helpful.

"....Your observations were 'spot on' and I recognized their validity, even if I may have disagreed with the direction you suggested...."

Let me be clear, I cannot tell you how to get an established agent or major publisher to look at your material. I had been rejected by about three dozen publishers, large and small, before I ran into local author-publisher Harry Willson and found a home for my first novel with his recently formed Amador Publishers.

Later, with two books under my belt, I set out to find an agent for the third and was met with rejection from an equal number of agents — not one would even look. Chasing the elusive lucrative book deal is a hard business and I don't have a lot of patience for it. I'm interested in writing, reading, and helping to produce good books.

"...I know I have lots of work to do, but am now inspired and motivated to revise....Thanks so very much for your excellent assessment."

Once my novel was picked up by Amador, I became an unofficial apprentice. Then I was an editor, a partner, and ultimately the owner of the press. Having guided multiple books through the publishing process, I am able to advise on the steps that go into seeking a publisher, queries and proposals, manuscript preparation, book design, production considerations, and pricing and sales for small and indie publishers.

That said, what I am primarily offering through my Manuscript Review Service is an assessment of the reading experience. My review is a combination of developmental and technical editing (sample line edits only, to point out recurring grammatical problems), vetting for taste, and discussion of specific elements that should be improved, such as voice, clarity, pacing and sequence. Based on my critique, I will give you realistic guidance on how to go forward with your book.

How to Purchase a Manuscript Review
When you are ready for an objective, constructive evaluation of your book and what it will take to publish, you may submit your entire manuscript in print or digital format with a one-time reading fee of $500.00. Manuscripts are accepted by snailmail or email. Please review our Manuscript Dos and Don'ts.

Email Submittals
1. Use this button to pay the $500.00 fee with paypal or credit card (you do not need to have a paypal account).   

2. Look for an email from requesting your materials.
3. You will be asked to reply to that email with:

  • Cover letter with synopsis of the work and a short bio (in body of email).
  • The complete ms. file in pdf format.
Snailmail Submittals
Your submittal should include:
  • Cover letter with a short bio.
  • The complete hard copy of your manuscript.
  • Instructions regarding return of materials, and sufficient packaging and postage to cover your requests. We strongly suggest that you provide return postage for your hard copy so that you will see any notes we make on it - you will get the maximum amount of feedback that way.
  • The $500.00 fee. Make check or money order payable to Amador Publishers, LLC. If you are including the cost of return postage in your check, please don't forget to provide packaging, a mailing label and instructions.
Send materials to:
Zelda Gatuskin, Amador Publishers, 611 Delamar NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107.

Response Time
Allow 6-8 weeks for a response. You may be informed by email if it is taking longer. You may check on Zelda's progress by email. Please do not call.

No files or print-outs will be retained beyond the reading period without the author's permission. The manuscript file(s) will be deleted unless author provides permission for Zelda to hold for future editing or publishing services. Zelda does retain her own notes and correspondence to the author for future reference.

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