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THE TIME DANCER's saga concludes with Book 3 in the Spiral Map of Time Trilogy

Tihe Spiral Map of Time

Trade paper -- 396 pp.
ISBN:  978-0-938513-65-0
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paranormal romance, urban fantasy, occult romance
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Double or Nothing

by Zelda Leah Gatuskin

Both History and Fate are catching up to Esmarelda and George Drumm, who have taken liberties with Time in order to stay together. Now, fleeing the Goathorn Mountains after their escapades with The Two Magicians, they find that their lives have been turned upside-down.

Across the Spiral in Caliente, New Mexico, Robyn's universe is also shaken. Her metaphysical shop, The Lost Unicorn, is still serving as a way station between worlds, and the mammoth cottonwood tree in back has become an actual portal. Mr. Brooks, the Emissary, and others she thought she would never see again after last year's Harmony Convention debacle, resurface.

At The Top Of The World, Weaver Oshi contemplates the tangled threads of Fate that have brought together more than one pair of Time-crossed lovers. When all of the Witches', Gypsies' and New Agers' magic has played out, where -- and when -- will everyone end up?

Here is the passionate, mind-blowing, music-and-dance-filled resolution to the Time Dancer's conundrum.

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