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Adela Amador's sequel to TWELVE GIFTS is back!
More Gifts From A Southwest Kitchen
More Gifts by Adela Amador, 20 pp,

$5.00 $3.95

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by Adela Amador
illustrated by Claiborne O'Connor

page 20 from More Gifts From A Southwest Kitchen Rhubarb Pie, page 20 from More Gifts From A Southwest Kitchen
Fresh Apricot Loaf, page 21 from More Gifts From A Southwest Kitchen

We launched the second printing of MORE GIFTS (originally published in 1992) with a Mother's Day Book Bash featuring the original artwork of Claiborne O'Connor, and delicious treats from Adela's collection of family recipes. (Above, Fresh Rhubarb Pie and Fresh Apricot Loaf.)

More Gifts by Adela Amador

"It's so beautiful!" "It's so helpful!" You told us that Adela's recipes in Twelve Gifts are clear, simple and easy to follow, and that they bring good results.

But you had additional comments. "Where's the sopa?" [meaning our southwestern bread pudding, not "soup"] "And your recipe for beans?" [meaning frijoles pintos] "And Adela's legendary pies!"

All the recipes in this book, and in Twelve Gifts, have been carefully and rigidly tested, some over a thirty-year period, by the multitudes who have feasted at Adela's table, and by me. I can personally vouch for them all. I regard myself as the luckiest consumer of the best home-made pies in the world. The pie crust recipe given here is the basis for dozens of variations: lemon, pumpkin, cherry, peach. Two of my favorites are here: apple and rhubarb. Here's hoping you get lucky, too! We are proud to present the work of two very fine artists:. Adela Amador and Claiborne O'Connor.

--Harry Willson

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