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Bird flies from hands
Cover by Claiborne O'Connor
A Novel of Healing
by David L. Condit

Each member of a tragi-comic quartet rebounds from personal loss and pain with a shared resolve to break the chain of abuse and persevere gracefully in the face of adversity and injustice. Brilliant barbs of satire are softened by sensitivity to suffering, especially of the young. The action moves from New Jersey to New Mexico, and celebrates the healing power of the Land of Enchantment.

We're sorry -- this book is out of print.

David Littell Condit died suddenly and unexpectedly of undiagnosed cardiovascular disease, on December 13, 1999. He was in California, where he was visiting Antioch College in Marina del Rey. He had recently been accepted into their MFA program, with an emphasis on poetry. He had received acclaim for his poems after readings to the faculty and other renowned poets there. David's novel THE HUMMINGBIRD BRIGADE came out of experiences from David's own youth, and from his vocation as an expert counselor of troubled young people.

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