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Falling Is Easy cover
Trade paper    6"x9"    110 pp.
ISBN:  978-0-938513-77-3    $16.95
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a novella in 2 parts & 3 poems
by Zelda Leah Gatuskin

Questions of authenticity, sexuality and art are asked and answered between estranged friends. To Nancy, Lynn was a model liberated woman who regressed in her relationships and lifestyle. And now she's done it again - fallen for a guy more macho than the one before. But Lynn is making progress as a poet; she sees her journey as inward, not backward. And despite her previous heartaches, she thinks #5 should be a keeper - the sex is good, plus he supports her writing. In response to Nancy's challenge, she reflects on her loves and losses, her prospects for the future, and poetry.

Listen to me, ladies: The next time someone you care about says, "Everything happens for a reason," insist that they see a shrink. Soon. (Falling Is Easy, Part 1)

I'm really sorry I can't be anyone's missing link. I sure as hell never signed up to be a foot soldier or poster child for any cause. (Falling Is Easy, Part 2)

Author's Statement: Falling Is Easy examines the complex entanglement of gender identity, gender roles and sexuality through one woman's romances. The story is told first from the outside, not by an outsider exactly, but a once-close friend whose view of things may be shaded by disapproval, hurt or worry over the series of relationships that takes this person away from her. Then the protagonist takes up the story. She tries to be honest with herself, to admit the true dynamics, emotional and sexual, of each affair. She reaches some insights about men and women and society that I was not likely to discover by writing an essay or think-piece. This was not the book I wanted to write, but the book I needed to write. ZLG, March 21, 2024

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