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Circumference of Forever
published by Participation Processes
ISBN:  978-0-989245-00-5
Trade Paper, 164 pp., $16.00

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Poetry in the Sufi Tradition by
Muquit: Stephen Sachs
Wali Qutbuddin Loren Ruh Smith
Tomas Meyers

   Circumference of Forever is proof that bubbly juicy joy, limitless genius, and artistic cooperation are available to us all. Our example affirms that together we can follow our highest heart, our most outrageous ideas, and our deepest longings. We gladly dance forth, blessing and saying "adieu" to any assumptions, expectations, or denials encouraged by mainstream culture! Together with you, dear reader, we cruise behind the curtain of conventional ideas and witness a spacious, infinite consciousness that inspires us when we see no use in living. Yes, indeed, these poems testify to our own limitless potential.

Each poet emanates a radiance, in the flesh and through his words, which is truly his own. Each poet accesses, through the generosity of our Creative Source, the unique mother-load of his very own Self. Each one has a distinct flavor, a unique outrageousness. Each one has found his own groove in and through the richness of what Life offers.

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ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Each of these men is simply and deeply himself. This is how we all yearn to be. The risk of being seen as a bit nuts, as many of us might imagine, has not stopped the authors from constantly renewing their commitment to fulfillment of each one's nature-given creative exaltation.

Muqit is a gentle giant of a spiritual teacher. He shares the luscious depths of joyful sparkles, granted through 35 years of Sufi practices that are now intimately integrated into every nook and cranny of his life. He dances like an elf and smiles like an impish child as the butter- flies swirling in his heart burst forth through praiseful song and warm embrace. See also Walking the Four Directions and Poems on the Dance of Life. Qutbuddin is a musical mystical scholar. We benefit from his lifelong search for exquisite articulations of the unutterable. When sharing improvised music with others, he weaves Tibetan toning, heavenly harmonies, and falsetto other- worldly sounds. He twinkles with unmistakable love and enthusiasm and glows with the kind of deep knowing provided by over 50 years of spiritual practice. Tomas' body no longer dances so wildly that objects fly off the surrounding book shelves. Yet he still dances within his mind and heart as infinitely as ever. He celebrates the incredible dynamism of life through heartful silence and grateful witnessing of the endless flow of changes, inner and outer. His combining of word and sound is so novel that the words seem to change the very synapses of one's brain.

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