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Sun Stripes
0-938513-21-4; 22 pp.

$5.00 $3.95

drawings and text by Zelda Leah Gatuskin

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This is not mindless, stay-inside-the-lines, oppressively detailed coloring. This is a visually stimulating, non-intimidating invitation to fantasize upon Gatuskin's thought-provoking ideas and questions, while the unusual drawings give you the freedom to wield your colors with abandon.
Claiborne O'Conner, Art Director, Amador Publishers
[When we sleep, we think in dreams. -- ZCCB]
Dreams are pictures in our brains. It's when we see our thinking. It's fun to color dreams.
-- Lillian, age 7
I think I color pretty good. The pictures are great. You know, babies can even color in it.
-- Aaron, age 5
I love it! I love the pictures. You can color inside the lines or outside the lines and that makes it fun.
-- Ariel, age 7
We had so much fun, we colored all the pictures in one sitting. You can be as realistic or as abstract as you want to be with these images. When you color it, you make it your own, and this is different from most coloring books.
-- Eve Loren Wedeen, Art Therapist

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