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2010 WINNER!  New Mexico Book Awards
Funny, poignant and provocative, these poems reflect the author's life, small dramas, family crises, our crazy popular culture and some serious philosophical questions.

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But Who's Counting?
Worldwind Books Poetry Series
Trade Paper -- 90 pp
ISBN: 978-0-938513-41-4


collected poems
by Zelda Leah Gatuskin
Poetry Night

The first poet
had filled his pockets
with smallish pebbles
which he winged at us hard
Pop Pop Pop Pop
and faster
and every one hit its mark
We were bruised some
but appreciative

The second poet carried a
notebook full of loose leaves
They fluttered up
when she shuffled them
then drifted gently
down about our heads
We couldn't catch them all
but felt the ticklish wind
when they floated near

The next poet
much to our surprise
released birds
so we might observe their flight
accompanied by song
and the occasional
mating call

The poet after this
wore bells on ankles and wrists
each one with a special tone
denoting a color
and dispensing the fragrance
of a cherished place
This we have no idea how she did
She left us with a waft of pinon
and mountain juniper

My turn came
I had nothing up my sleeve
but dreams
a pocketful of question marks
and a stone in my shoe
But all the pretty birds
and leaves and things
came to rest upon my curly head
reminding me that
poetry is inheritance
not sport

Zelda Leah Gatuskin

Resting, by Sadie Gordon

All art in BUT WHO'S COUNTING? derived from the works of Sadie T. Gordon, photographed by Zelda Gatuskin. Cover: "Fall in Wilmington" oil on canvas board, 1971. Interior art: small clay sculptures and plaques, undated. A biography of the artist and digital portfolio is available at

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