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Another Spring book cover by Ashley Jordan
Worldwind Books Poetry Series
ISBN: 978-0-938513-50-6
Trade Paper; 126 pp,
includes 11 b/w photographs, $16.95  

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Robin Matthews in 1970
Robin Matthews ca. 1970
photo by Christopher Barr.

Robin Matthews has the two most important qualities required of a poet: an inner-listening ear, and the voice to project what he has heard. "Another Spring" attests to that with both a humility and a force which we rarely encounter – the force of renewal. —Ronald Hobbs, San Francisco

collected poems
by Robin Matthews

Recently penned reflections and reminiscences of a lifetime bridge the leap back to the author's work of the 1970s, from which the poems continue to move back in time, the way the mind does naturally in memory...

boyhood revisited

silver & green,
yellow, red,
masquerading as campfire.

cedar water,
but irresistible,
astringent as canvas-filtered dawn.

shoulders & backs aching deliciously of canoes,
we moved,
mysterious as water,
into & out
of summer,

exploring ourselves along the oswego & the maurice,
the great egg harbor,
unlearning concrete & steel,
learning cold, hot,
experimenting with naked,

troubled always
by the restless images

above the shattered surface of our pool.

sometime in the '60s
revisited 9 March 2014

—Robin Matthews

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