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Welcome to the Amador Links Pages!

April 2016: Our Links Pages are being groomed at long last. Quite a few websites have bit the dust since the last revisions, or moved or changed domain names. We apologize for sending Amador visitors to yucky places due to our links being out of date.

As you will see, the Great Dead Authors page, which has long been one of our most popular, has been decimated. I have removed broken links but left the list of author names, and I plan to add more names and try to find appropriate new links. My goal is to find GDA links to specific, non-commercial sites (not Wikipedia, it's easy enough to go there and search). If you have a favorite site for your favorite author, please send it along.

All suggestions for new links are invited. Please indicate the list to which the link should be added when you send the url.

We do not run paid advertising on this web site, and typically do not link to sites that do. We also don't link to sites that crash our computers.

We do not require reciprocal links, but always appreciate them.

Send e-mail.

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