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a message from Zelda Leah Gatuskin, editor-in-chief

Greetings and warm wishes to all our readers.

Perhaps you are finding more time to read now, or just desperately need some distraction and entertainment. We have a variety of titles in a variety of formats. There is a lot of good reading right here on our website. Excerpts Page

We have e-books! E-books are safe and effective! But please remember, your e-book is only as sanitary as your device. Wash hands and clean surfaces often.
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We have new releases! These print titles are in the digital pipeline. When you order a *new* copy of any of our titles from a reputable online vendor, you will receive a newly-manufactured book that has had a minimum of handling. Check to see if your local bookstore can place the order and have the book(s) delivered to you; that would be a great way to support your community.
Update: You can now order new books online at and still support a local bookstore:

We have sale books! These backlist titles may show up on other sites, but if you want to be certain of receiving fresh copies, please order from Amador. The books are in overstock, stored in their original boxes from the printer. They will be handled only by me (so long as I am healthy, and I am so far). I will make only one trip to the post office each week, so allow 2-3 weeks for media mail delivery.

Here is a 3-step process for dealing with concerns about mail-order items:
Step 1. Put your package in an out-of-the-way, preferrably sunny, spot.
Step 2. Wash your hands.
Step 3. Let anticipation build for 1-3 days before opening.

Thank you for your for your support! Zelda     New Order Info, January 2021

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