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Spring 2015 Feature

25 Years After First Publication of Eva's War,
70 Years After the Events Described,
Refugees of War Still Suffer

The year is 1945, and the world is at war. Young Eva must leave her beloved Danzig to escape the Soviets and the harm they would bring to her little family. After hearing rumors about the terrible devastation of the town of Nemmersdorf, Eva makes the heartbreaking decision to leave her parents. The lives of those who remain are in grave danger. Without knowing if she will ever find her husband Manfred again, or see her loving parents, Eva sets out on her own through the wreckage of war. Driven by a youthful sense of adventure, Eva takes her baby and boards a ship sailing into the unknown. They barely escape death on numerous occasions.

Alone and carrying the full weight of saving her child's life on her shoulders, Eva's only solace is the beautiful music she once created and still carries within. The circumstances that bring her back to the piano and concert hall seem almost miraculous, but in fact reveal a universal, tenacious humanity that rises above even the bleakest conditions. In Eva's case, music literally saves both body and soul. Drawing on her love of music, and her passionate love for her husband, long parted from her, Eva emerges from the ashes of war a new, stronger woman.

Those who lose a war rarely survive with their psyche intact, much less get to tell their story. And yet, Eva Krutein does both. Woven into her memoir are revelations about what the German people were experiencing before and during the war. Eva's soul-searching may cause one to reconsider what we know about the war, about any war. Who were the victims and who the victors? What has been hidden between the lines of history?

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Eva's War, the first book in a captivating trilogy about one woman's fight for survival and her journey through one of the most turbulent times in history. An enthralling tale of life, death, art, war, and love, by a mother willing to risk all for the life of her baby and the chance for a happy future, the book is a well of inspiration for those who would prevail in the face of unbeatable odds. It continues to serve as a call to action, and an appeal to the conscience of humanity to rescue those who are displaced, and to embrace all people of the world in genuine, international, solidarity.

Editions of this title.
The FIRST EDITION, 1990, is being re-issued for international distribution in May 2015. Watch your favorite online vendor for availablity.

The SECOND EDITION, 2007, may be purchased from the publisher while supplies last. It includes a special 8-page section of photographs.

The E-BOOK EDITION, 2013, is available in all formats from or your favorite ebook vendor.
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