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Trade paper -- 568 pp.
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Elizabeth McBride has important things to say to other women about living their lives as free women with choices.
Michelle Miller Allen, Editor

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A Memoir By
Elizabeth McBride

How a Nice Girl from the British Empire Ends Up a Witch in the New Mexico Desert

    To read Elizabeth McBride's memoir is to make a new friend. The author treats her reader like a trusted confidant, and so each of us is taken personally into her life. We marvel at the exotic milieus of her youth, ride the wild surf of her young womanhood, and forebear with her through demands of family and vicissitudes of fate. The result is that we alternately want to shake Elizabeth by the shoulders and throw our arms around her.
    LAST OF THE NICE GIRLS is a carefully constructed telling of a fully lived life—the culmination of which was this very project and the fulfillment of Elizabeth's lifelong desire to be a writer. Credit goes to Michelle Miller Allen for adding some outside perspective to the story with her own and others' reminiscences of Elizabeth, and a section of photographs which documents Elizabeth's much vaunted beauty, so we needn't think her simply vain. The narrative itself has been edited by Miller Allen mainly for length and organization, and otherwise gives voice to the author so vividly that we come to genuinely care for her. And we feel that she cares for us too—enough to have spent her final years preparing this message: Stop being so darn nice and start fulfilling your dreams.

—Zelda Gatuskin, Amador Publishers, LLC

    To honor Elizabeth's desire, especially in the last few years of her life, to do something to help other women pursue their writing vocations, The Elizabeth McBride Trust is donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of LAST OF THE NICE GIRLS to the "A Room Of Her Own Foundation" (AROHO).

"Elizabeth McBride has gifted us with a life well lived, combined with the literary talent to share her extraordinary journey. Her memoir is a rare gift, taking us an international quest that chronicles the life of an astutely aware woman during transitional times."

— Dr. Judith Boice

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