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Because Amador Publishers, LLC - still completely independent - cannot finance publication of more than one or two books per year, and in response to increasing requests to offer pay-to-publish services, we have added an author-financed model to our publishing options, and established the Worldwind Books imprint to serve as a publishing identity for prose titles which don't fit the Amador list. An additonal feature of this imprint is the Worldwind Books Poetry Series.
Michelle Miller Allen, Editor

Green Phoenix Productions (GPP) was founded by author Michelle Miller Allen in 2002 in the memory of the late Bardic poet Rick Allen.

In conjunction with its previous and on-going productions (poetry/music CD, ritual scarves and vestments, medieval accessories, greeting cards, candles and creativity workshops), GPP celebrates the publication of its first book in Spring 2007 as an Imprint of Amador Publishers, LLC: LAST OF THE NICE GIRLS, A Memoir by Elizabeth McBride (Edited by Michelle Miller Allen).

Green Phoenix Productions seeks to counteract the negative forces on the planet by supporting positive creativity. Specializes in tributes, memoirs and visionary products.


Zelda Leah Gatuskin, Editor

The Studio Z imprint is reserved for the book art of Zelda Leah Gatuskin, books which incorporate both literary and visual arts, designed by Zelda and produced in limited editions.

thoughts about consciousness
Written and illustrated by Zelda Leah Gatuskin
Special Edition, every copy is individually produced in the artist's studio, numbered and signed. Generously illustrated, including 13 pages in full color.

Published by
Studio Z, an Imprint of Amador Publishers, LLC
[Trade paper -- ISBN: 0-938513-37-0; 92 pp. Illustrated; $30.00.]


What is an Imprint? Amador Publishers, LLC occasionally accepts a book or group of books for publication that have not gone through our usual selection process and/or do not fit into our publishing plan. We call these books Imprints.

Why an Imprint? Amador publishes only two to three books per year. An Imprint, under separate editorial oversight, provides an opportunity to apply our publishing expertise to worthy projects without overextending ourselves or exceeding our storage capacity. Each imprint has a unique purpose and identity, and its own Editor/Manager to oversee book selection, production and sales.

How should I purchase Imprint books? Imprint books may be ordered through Amador Publishers, LLC by our standard methods [How to Order] or directly from the Imprint, as described on their individual web sites.

I am an author/editor who would like to publish my own projects. Can I have my own Amador imprint? You may e-mail for additional information about our imprint policies. Please include your full name, mailing address, phone number, short bio and brief description of the work under consideration.

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