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What is Humanism?

"Humanism is free from divisive doctrines about the unknown..."

Like all philosophies, Humanism is defined, interpreted, and lived in a variety of ways. Unlike theistic philosophies, Humanism does not cling to a historical, unyeilding, unquestionable source of truth, nor does it particularly concern itself with such mysteries as why we exist. Humanism accepts differences among individuals, embraces growth and change based on an ongoing exploration of our natural world, and views morality in terms of our having proper relationships with nature and each other.

What is Humanist Literature?   Here are some examples:
Ancestral Notes   Christmas Blues   Myth and Mortality
How to Live the Good Life   Walking The Tao
But Who's Counting?   Where The Sky Used To Be
Who Was Ayn Rand? an essay by Gene H. Bell Villada
34 Million Friends by Jane Roberts
Walking The Four Directions (spiritual humanism)
see also Harry Willson's Essays and Zelda Gatuskin's Essays.

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