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Women of America, This Is What Those Good Ol' Boys Think of Us
September 15, 2016
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I'm with Hillary. I'm convinced she is a genuinely good person and an exceptionally qualified presidential candidate. The Republican Party's selection of Donald Trump as their nominee to oppose her strikes me as the ultimate insult. He's a joke, a bombast - not the least bit informed, prepared or serious - and she has to somehow "compete" with him. For what? Loudmouth? He wins. Rowdiest rallies? He wins. Nastiness? He wins. Experience? She wins. Consistency? She wins. Diversity of supporters? She wins. Oh look, they're running neck-and-neck.

I doubt it. I think the women of this country intend to be treated with a bit more respect than the Grand Ol' Party has offered. The Republicans had their choice of several misogynistic candidates, ranging from the simpering, holier-than-thou type to the blowhard, throw-your-weight-around type, who had at least served in elected public office prior to throwing their hats in the ring. A few were acknowledged to be even scarier than Trump, in the sense that they were real ideologues who really believed the weird and hurtful things they spouted. Still, it would have shown a modicum of national pride to go to an experienced public servant instead of a spoiled brat to contend for the presidency of the United States on behalf of their party. Sadly, these characters were utter cowards all, unwilling to take on Trump themselves. Was it for fear of the rich man being mean to them? Or because they had no desire to pit themselves against the likely female Democratic candidate, and especially no desire to lose to her?

One wonders who among the Republican hopefuls might have come forward to fend off a Trump nomination had some other, male, candidate been selected by the Democrats. I never once thought Bernie Sanders would get the nomination, and I don't think the Republicans did either. Their response may well have been the same to Bernie - let Trump be the one to go down to defeat - but more likely they would have smelled a chance for victory and put up a more competent opponent, with a more consistent and articulate counter-ideology.

The media plays into this, of course, and we can put a similar question to the press - on the right and the left: Would the Bernie Sanders campaign have been given the same amount of attention if he had been vying for nomination against a "Democratic establishment" male? The positioning and branding of Bernie's campaign had me scratching my head: Who's part of the establishment in this picture? Looks to me like Hillary is the true face of the previously unrepresented masses. But the media never latched onto that little irony. They latched onto Bernie - as to a life raft.

My last question is for those of you who know that Trump is a disaster and an insult, but just aren't sure if you can "trust" Hillary:

What exactly are you afraid Hillary is going to do? Eat the apple?

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