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It's m'Blog
October 25, 2012
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Look at that, I've made a blog. I almost called it Zelda's Information Service, because the initial plan was to have a place to share the many worthy arts notices, calls to action and humanist news that stream into my email and lately land in a sort of digital purgatory of good intentions and inaction.

But I have a lot on my mind besides all that, so I'm warming up to the idea of blogging. I plan to write a lot about the media, with specific observations about how specific "types" are depicted therein - in particular women, wouldn't you know. It's very serious feminist stuff.

But sometimes you just have to giggle, which I am doing now, because "It's m'Blog" refers to a beer commercial that is really stupid but somehow sweet and always makes me laugh. It's the way the blond says, "It's m'leg," as the camera pans down to the full-length cast that is preventing her from ice skating with her friends. Do you know which one I mean? It's ridiculous, yet there's something dear and sincere about it. I can relate to that girl.

And I'm wondering what makes it work. How did that come together? How is this going to come together? I'm getting off to a goofy start.

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