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August 2012
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Why "The Tree"? Allow me to answer in the language of dreams:

A Blog is a log with a bee in its bonnet. Bee as in Buzz. Or, if you're dreaming, Zzzz. Or, if you're me, simply Z. Sawing wood.

The log is the trunk of a tree - the tree's most solid and stable element. Its core, if you will. Or its corridor, through which the elements pass in the repeating cycle of taking, using, giving that is life. It's a recurring dream.

A trunk is a chest, a place to keep one's valuables; it comes with a lock. It holds a treasure. It is strong and secure. Something is hidden there.

More hidden still, the roots, in a network of increasing complexity and delicacy. They are outreaching and diffuse, in contrast to the contained/containing form of the trunk. They are seeking bits of useful matter across a broad territory and sending it upwards to be processed.

Upwards, into similar branchings and divisions. Symmetry of structure. But here, in season, each extension terminates in a bud, leaf, flower, fruit or nut. The upper stories at once showy and sheltering. Then annually disrobing of its meticulous detail to expose the outline form of neural pathways resting between grand ideas.

Blog, log, journal, pages, leaves, limbs, stories, shade, secrets, branchings, roots, turnings, trunks, get it off your chest, bark, buzz, dream, ring, knot, knock on wood, enter The Tree.

* * *

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