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Oct 23, 2017A Cheery Little Number [Activism, Books, Humor, Social Justice]
July 5, 2017This Just In from Across the Spiral [Arts, Books, Humor]
Oct 8, 2016I Wish (If you're listening, DNC) [Media Literacy, Politics]
Sep 15, 2016Women of America, This Is What Those Good Ol' Boys Think of Us [Feminism, Media Literacy, Politics]
Aug 23, 2016Taking Another Look at "Daniel Deronda" [Arts, Books, Feminism, Politics]
July 17, 2016Summer Blockbusters [Arts, Consumerism, Humor, Media Literacy, Poetry]
Mar 13, 2016If You Kill the Dog, I'm Closing the Book [Arts, Books, Humanism]
Dec 30, 2015Most Cynical Ad Campaigns of 2015 [Consumerism, Humor, Media Literacy, Politics]
Dec 7, 2015Planning to Publish in Print? The Next Time You Read a Book, Look at It [Books]
Oct 30, 2015This Term Needs to Be Ditched [Arts, Books, Feminism, Media Literacy]
July 17, 2015Are You Writing Your Novel? Avoid These Fiction Pitfalls [Arts, Books]
May 15, 2015Civil Unrest Keeps Fascism At Bay [Activism, Books, Social Justice]
Jan 27, 2015Publishing Advice [Arts, Books]
Nov 30, 2014Nocturnal Soul — Poetry [Arts, Books, Dreams, Poetry]
Sep 30, 2014I'm Sorry I Feel This Way: A Few Thoughts for the Days of Atonement [Arts, Feminism, Humanism]
July 19, 2014Men Also Deserve Better [Feminism, Social Justice]
May 29, 2014Trending Today: Misogyny [Consumerism, ERA, Feminism, Humor, Media Literacy, Social Justice]
Dec 31, 2013Future Trends [Humor, Media Literacy]
Nov 18, 2013If I May Brag (Sadly) Just a Little Bit [Activism, Arts, Books, Social Justice]
Oct 16, 2013Lilliputian Airlines [Consumerism, Humor]
Oct 6, 2013Breaking Wind [Arts, Humor, Media Literacy]
Sep 23, 2013"Pro-Life" Porn Show Comes to Albuquerque [Feminism, Social Justice]
Aug 26, 2013On Women's Equality Day, Let's Recommit to Passing the ERA [Activism, ERA, Feminism, Social Justice]
Aug 13, 2013Dear NSA [Humor, Media Literacy, Politics]
July 31, 2013Born to Worry [Arts, Social Justice]
June 26, 2013The Voting Rights Act is Gone, But Not Our Right To Vote [Activism, Social Justice]
June 18, 2013Oh, *Now* We're Worried About the Fourth Amendment [ERA, Feminism]
May 22, 2013I Wouldn't Want to Be a Guy [ERA, Feminism, Humanism]
Apr 21, 2013If I Could Convince You of Only One Thing, It Would Be This: Value Yourself [Feminism, Humanism]
Mar 15, 2013Still Stewing About "Makers" [Feminism, Media Literacy]
Feb13, 2013Wake Up To Your Media Landscape [Arts, Consumerism, Media Literacy]
Jan 22, 2013Where Are the Voices for the E.R.A.? [Activism, ERA, Feminism, Social Justice]
Dec 22, 2012Bill Baird, My Hero and My Friend [Activism, ERA, Feminism, Social Justice]
Dec 16, 2012Women Must Take the Lead in Ending Gun Violence [Activism, Consumerism, Feminism, Media Literacy]
Dec 4, 2012Gun Sex [Consumerism, Feminism, Media Literacy]
Dec 3, 2012Campaign 2008 to Campaign 2012; It Only Got Worse [Media Literacy, Social Justice]
Nov 28, 2012Breaking Down By Degrees, Holiday Mood Swings, and the Zombie Shopper Apocalypse [Consumerism, Media Literacy]
Nov 20, 2012We're All Babies Now [Arts, Consumerism, Media Literacy]
Nov 13, 2012Mirror Mirror [Feminism, Media Literacy]
Nov 11, 2012Lrch Frwrd [Media Literacy, Politics]
Nov 8, 2012And the Winner Is: Math [Media Literacy, Social Justice]
Nov 2, 2012Why "War On Women" is a Misnomer [ERA, Feminism, Media Literacy, Social Justice]
Oct 31, 2012Let's Talk About Shoulders [Feminism, Media Literacy]
Oct 27, 2012Repeat After Me: ERA [ERA, Feminism, Social Justice]
Oct 25, 2012It's m'Blog [Arts, Feminism, Media Literacy]
August 2012"About" Text from "The Tree"

Humanist Essays Archive
November 2014: This series comes to a close with the end of Zelda's service as president of the Humanist Society of New Mexico. The essays were originally published in the Humanist Society of New Mexico Newsletter.
October 2014Prophets vs. Profits
September 2014Childhood
August 2014Counting Down... to Your Stepping Up
July 2014Go Out and Be Awesome
June 2014The Songs of Unseen Birds
May 2014Renaissance 2.1
April 2014Sure Cure for Dark Secrets: Daylight!
March 2014Metaphors Work for Me
February 2014Come As You Are
January 2014Dancing into the New Year
December 2013Taking Leave
November 2013A Kind of Hope
October 2013The Compassion Gap
September 2013Conflict of Interest
August 2013Report on 2013 AHA Conference - Part 2
July 2013Report on 2013 AHA Conference - Part 1
June 2013Getting Along Just Fine
May 2013The Circle Way
April 2013How Does That Make You Feel?
March 2013Reality Check
February 2013Drawin' for Darwin
January 2013Let's Keep Going
December 2012Changing Cottonwood Against Cloudless Sky
November 2012Save Us from the Soul-Savers
October 2012Potentiality
September 2012EHFAR
August 2012A Rare Appeal for Money
July 2012Happy Humanists in New Orleans
June 2012You've come a long way, baby - Not
May 2012Nature Is Inescapable
April 2012Can't We Just Evolve Already?
March 2012Half-Souls
February 2012Let's Talk
January 2012Harry's Chair
December 2011HSNM Year in Review
November 2011Season of Horror
October 2011Flashback to an Incipient Humanist
September 2011From Humanist Society To Humanist Community
August 2011Remembering Sidney
July 2011It's Time to Get Serious About the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
June 2011Believe It Or Not
May 2011Virtue and Honor
Apr 2011Dogs and Cats
Mar 2011Am Honored to Inscribe
Feb 2011Just Say Yes
Jan 2011New Year's Resolution

What is Feminism?
Dictionary definition of "Feminist": any person who believes in the political, economic and social equality of the sexes; pertaining to any organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests. Feminism is the active pursuit of gender equality through example, activism and advocacy. —Zelda Gatuskin

What is Humanism?
"Humanism is free from divisive doctrines about the unknown..."

Like all philosophies, Humanism is defined, interpreted, and lived in a variety of ways. Unlike theistic philosophies, Humanism does not cling to a historical, unyeilding, unquestionable source of truth, nor does it particularly concern itself with such mysteries as why we exist. Humanism accepts differences among individuals, embraces growth and change based on an ongoing exploration of our natural world, and views morality in terms of our having proper relationships with nature and each other. —Zelda Gatuskin

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