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Press Release 12/19/19

Unbroken Spirit e-book cover
E-book Edition
ISBN: 978-0-938513-67-4 $4.99

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My Life Before and After Quadriplegia
by Gilbert John

Between the ancient traditions of his community and the unfamiliar standards of boarding school, Gilbert John's youth straddled not only two cultures but two eras, for modernization came late to the Navajo reservation. His energy was boundless, his thirst for freedom tempered by devotion to family and a determination to succeed. A tragic accident left Gilbert a quadriplegic at age 17, yet he would go on to earn his bachelor's degree, to create art, to travel, to live independently in a pre-ADA world, and ultimately to become a powerful advocate and role model for people with disabilities on and off the reservation. Gilbert wrote and published his story despite cultural taboos against such public revelations, because when he needed a story about someone like himself, a Native American who had a spinal cord injury like his, he found none. Now there is one. It is a story of many heroes, a few villains, and a singular personality. Meet Hashke' Yitaaswod -- He ran amongst the warriors.

Gilbert John has served in the following advocacy and advisory positions:
2003 - 2005, vice president/acting president, Navajo Nation Advisory Council on Disability (formerly Navajo Nation Handi-Capable; the name was changed under Gilbert's leadership)
2004 - 2010, Board member, Governor's Commission on Disability, New Mexico Technology Assistance Project of the Division on Vocational Rehabilitation
2006 - 2012, two-term Board member, Statewide Independent Living Council, representing the Northwest region of New Mexico
Publisher's Note
Amador Publishers, LLC is proud to reissue Gilbert John's inspiring, autobiography Unbroken Spirit in digital edition. The process of writing and producing the book is itself part of Gilbert's remarkable story. We have faithfully reproduced the content of the first print edition (2009, Acacia, Phoenix), with only minor corrections and a few revisions to better accommodate the e-book format. A revised and expanded Second Print Edition of Unbroken Spirit is in the works. If you would like to support this effort by placing an advance order, please e-mail Zelda and you will be notified of all pre-publication offers. Unless requested, you will not receive any other Amador News e-mails.

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