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Erratum for The Carlos Chadwick Mysery
First edition, first printing (1990)
  • Additional line at bottom of p. 133:
    "days in Ohio were unfettered delight, their glow surpassing any
This omission has been corrected in the second printing (2020) and in the e-book.

Errata for Castle Lark and the Tale that Stopped Time
First edition, first printing (2001)

  • p. 237, first line, change road to rode:
    Edgar and Rider rode on horseback
  • p. 282, line 7 from bottom, change Mars to Luna:
    on Luna, she was awesome
  • p. 303, line 6 from bottom, insert to:
    that on this of all nights I'm going to have to meet
These errors have been corrected in the second printing (2020) and in the e-book.

Errata for From Fear to Love, My Journey Beyond Christianity
First edition, first printing (2012)

  • p. 99, fourth paragraph, change Swift to Voltaire:
    retreating to cultivate my litte garden, as Voltaire's Candide
  • p. 201, line 3 from to, change two to thirty-three:
    who lived/served just thirty-three days as pope
  • p. 205, line 8 from top, change Andromeda Galaxy to Alpha Centauri Star System:
    from the Alpha Centauri Star System, the nearest one to ours
These errors have been corrected in the e-book.

Errata for The Holiness of the Real, The Short Verse of Kenneth Rexroth
Second Edition, Revised, first printing (2014)

  • This title went to press with a number of scanning errors and problems with notes and index; a corrected second printing was quickly issued. First printings may be returned for replacement. Please write to us first. Send email.
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